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Our courses are offered in the evenings or online so our students can continue to work. They don't need to give up their jobs (and the annual income that goes along with those jobs) to earn a master's degree. Our students can immediately apply what they learn in class to their jobs so they can put their education to work for them right away.


Technology and science are dramatically changing our economy and our society. Today’s decision makers need a firm grasp of new technologies to augment traditional business disciplines. The Graduate School programs emphasize emerging technologies and how technology can be combined with core management skills to solve business problems.

Job Market

The Graduate School offers a curriculum that covers management, marketing, finance, accounting and Human Resource Management . All of these areas are being challenged in the marketplace today by the dynamics of the economy and the fast paced movement of business to a global scale.

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Students entering the business world need to have a complete set of tools to be competitive. The Graduate School prepares its students to succeed in the new world of work. Students will be stepping into a business- world the likes of which have never been seen before.