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Imagine a Catholic University in Cameroon, West Africa, that has taken the bold step to train a new generation of Growth Mindset African Entrepreneurs, from Nursery, Primary, Secondary, High school and University, who will approach every situation in life with the outlook that, no matter what, it can be done. Where they consistently use phrases like “We can do it”, “Let’s make it happen”, “Let’s work it out”, “Let’s figure it out”, and always maintain that a solution exist?   Read More

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The Catholic University Institute of Buea
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CUIB is innovating! In a rapidly changing world, innovation is one of
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Students of CUIB Douala Celebrates 54th Edition of National Youth Day

Students of CUIB Douala Celebrates 54th Edition of National Youth Day

“Youth, peace, decentralization, and participation in local governance for a new Cameroon was the theme for this year’s 54th edition…

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CUIB Mourns one of Her Students

CUIB Mourns one of Her Students

The Catholic University Institute of Buea, Douala Campus has lost one of her students Nafisa Momut Cie Njoya a final…

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Technology, a tool for successful Entrepreneurship

Technology, a tool for successful Entrepreneurship

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Douala Campus have been encouraged to embrace technology and incorporate it into…

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International Standards and Standings

CUIB is the first Entrepreneurial University in Central Africa and provides its students with a unique and conversional learning experience that equips them for international competitions. CUIB enjoys partnership with prestigious Universities in USA and Europe that gives students the leeway to continue their education abroad.

National Recognition

Year after year CUIB is recognized as one of the nation’s top universities. In 2016 CUIB was ranked among the best professional institutions in Cameroon and among the best training schools in agronomy by Group Channing Consulting

Job Creators

Our 4 year BSc. Curriculum is designed to arm students professionally. More than 60% of our students create jobs while studying in CUIB.

Afro American University

CUIB is unique in its Afro American Model and style of education. It integrates African values of spirituality and faith with the USA system of education which ranks top in the world.