Vocational Competence Program



Each year, CUIB organizes an Intensive Vocational Competence Program to enable Students improve on their Knowledge, Skills and Competences in their areas of interest. This program is organized to run alongside their Core Courses during their freshman year. Courses are offered in various specific areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Language, Chemistry, Communication, computer skills, engineering, Biology and Economics.


The Vocational Competence Philosophy is designed based on the concrete realities faced by some African countries. In Cameroon, for instance, there is a reality we cannot avoid in Higher Education – that there are a good number of career choices that are not available for students at the Secondary and High school level which you find offered at the Tertiary Level of Education. This can be very frustrating for students who have these programs as their career dreams. Another scenario is that due to the limited opportunities offered by our Educational system, some students only begin to realize what their career dreams are when they have completed High School and are about to enter the University. Still others enroll into some Universities to specialize in fields that do not resonate to them. This has brought a lot of frustration to students who end up having certificates in fields that they do not want or are not naturally gifted at or a part of their passion and dream.

Most of these challenges are in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Language and Information Technology Skills. One area that is so glaring is in the field of Agriculture and Natural Resources where you rarely find in the country the existence of Agricultural Secondary and High schools. How then can students who have passion in this area pursue Higher Education Studies? Scenarios of this nature are many and have caused untold frustration to many intelligent Cameroonians. It is within this background that CUIB, right from its inception has tried to provide a solution in what she terms “The Vocational Competence Programme.”
So if you are one of those who are interested to pursue your studies in CUIB and realize that your academic background in your career choice is weak, or that you want to fulfill your career dreams but lack the basic knowledge, skills and competencies to pursue it, then this programme is for you.

The CUIB Vocational Competence Programme (VCP) is to assist students who have enrolled into CUIB to effectively fulfil their career dreams in areas in which they have a weak background. This programme falls in line with CUIB’s unique educational mission that does not only admit the brightest students, but also give opportunity to those students who have a strong desire and passion to pursue their career dreams but need more education and training in their field of study. It therefore addresses the basic question: Have I the required background knowledge and skills to enable me pursue a particular programme of study that I am passionate about in CUIB?
Those eligible for this programme include: Admitted students who on their own see a need to improve on their knowledge, skills and competences in particular areas of specialization. Admitted students recommended by the Schools and Colleges. Applicants who are not eligible for direct admission because they failed to fulfill all the conditions prescribed by the Academic Board of the University for Admission. The Office of the Provost will determine admissibility and make decisions on the courses that the applicant will have to enroll in. Students under this category must take the required programme else they MAY NOT be allowed to graduate from the University.