With CUIB’s policy of putting Students First, coupled with the Catholic Education System centered on Community Learning, Spirituality and Friendship, Student Services Center plays a primal role in ensuring that students have the best of Student Experience as they journey through The Entrepreneurial University – The Cradle of Innovation.

This Academic Year, CUIB has set up Housing Facilities for students in its satellite campuses in Douala and Yaoundé. Student Services ensures that these Housing Facilities helps to improve on experiential learning with peers while keeping the Culture, Mission and Identity of CUIB glowing as true ambassadors of their Institution.

Dear Students, feel free to contact CUIB Student Services at 657166447/673550388, for your secured and comfortable accommodations in Buea, Douala and Yaoundé.

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  • Where will be your preferred area of study? (Consult parents FIRST)

Buea                Douala             Yaoundé

  • Would you like to secure accommodation with CUIB? Yes                  No
  • Please indicate what kind of accommodation you would prefer?

Shared Accommodation                     Single Accommodation

  • Do you have a specific Residential location? Please indicate _____________________


  1. Q: What type of accommodation is made available?

A: Shared and Single Accommodations

  1. Q: Is it Mandatory to secure accommodation with the Institution?

A: No! it is Mandatory but it is advisable and encouraged for students to secure accommodation with their Institution.

  1. Q: Why did CUIB decide to secure Accommodation for students this Academic Year 2018/2019?

A: CUIB strongly believes and holds dear to its Vision, Mission and Identity. With the Catholic Education System centered on Community Learning, Spirituality and Friendship, CUIB hopes to ensure a good student experience while keeping the FAITH and Philosophy of the Institution alive among the students as they live, study and collaborate in project development together.

  1. Q: What are the costs ranges per room?

A: Depending on the Type and space of rooms, costs will range from 25,000FCFA and above. Students should note that costs per room includes bill (Water and Electricity)

  1. Q: How are payments made?

A: Payments are made per Annum. This can be paid in installments upon an agreed engagement.  

  1. Q: Can I choose who I want to live with or how do you assign roommates?

A: Yes you can decide whom to stay with. Yet if you have a  vacant room in your apartment, the School will have it occupied by another student. It is encouraged to pair up with a mate or friend in a room, as this can help reduce cost.

  1. Q: Can both Male and Female live in one house?

A: Yes and No. Yes if both sexes are from the same family/siblings and/or has been permitted to leave together by parents. No because just like a girl child needs her privacy, so to does a boy child.

  1. Q: How do I secure a accommodation?

A: To secure accommodation, you can book a room online (link will be made available later) or onsite. You will be required to complete your application form and sign your tenancy agreement. Payments can be made into the University mobile money account or bank Account.

  1. Q: Are the apartments furnished or Students are expected to come with facilities?

A: No, students will be expected to furnish their rooms but with restrictions of some electrical appliances.

  1. Q: When can I move into the house and move-out?

A: As soon as you pay your rents, you can move in. you move-out when your rent is due.

  1. Q: Whom do I contact if I need assistance in accommodation?

A: Students Services Center secures accommodation for students. You can either call 657 16 64 47/ 673 55 03 88 or send an email to:

  1. Q: What do I do if my roommate and I aren’t getting along?

A: Do not hesitate to contact the Students Services Center as soon as possible

  1. Q: Is housing closed during holidays and breaks or can students still stay in the apartments?

A: Rents are paid per Annum (12 months). In case you’ve paid your full rents, housing will be open for you to stay during holidays. If not, you can either pay holiday rents or suspend your stay liberate the room for any new comer.

  1. Q: Can I use my scholarship to help pay my rents?

A: No, there are no scholarships available for housing. Therefore if you are on Scholarship you’ll be expected to pay for your accommodation.

  1. Q: On arrival, what do I need to bring with me?

A: What you will need for school, resources and facilities, except pets (Not Allowed)

  1. Q: Are there laundry facilities?

A: No,

  1. Q: Is Smoking allowed?

A: No, smoking is not allowed neither is unwanted drugs

  1. Q: Who is responsible for my house cleaning?

A: You are responsible for keeping your house clean

  1. Who is responsible for cleaning the yard?

A: You are responsible for cleaning your yards and ensuring your surroundings are tidied up

  1. Q: Can we have a party in the house/room?

A: Yes, but not to the detriment of your neighours

  1. Q: In case of personal problems, who can I speak to?

A: We love talking to you, so if you have any personal problem, you can get to the Personnel in charge of Students Services.