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The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR) has a comprehensive program that is in line with the United Nations Development Goals. SANR provides students with Innovative and Creative Skills for Professional lucrative careers in Diverse Agricultural Domains. The current and trending agricultural challenges are addressed through Organic and Sustainable Agriculture which maintains a Healthy Environment and minimizes post-harvest losses and optimize chain Agricultural Production.

SANR has competent and robust lecturers and staff for effective and efficient training of our students.

our mission

To establish a hands-on Integrated Agricultural Training Program that will ignite Entrepreneurial Skills to young Cameroonians so as to augment Organic and Sustainable Agriculture while enhancing Environmental Health.

our vission


“To Empower CUIB Students and the community with agricultural skills that will enable them brave the United Nations Development Goals of No Poverty and Zero Hunger in Cameroon and the world at large.”

Our general objective is to create an agricultural chain that will boost the production system and engage the entrepreneurial wing of CUIB and its environ, thus establishing future reference farmers and job creators in Cameroon.

Specific objectives are to;

  • Improve on Students’ Capacity Development through practical chain Agricultural Processes.
  • Facilitate Partnership with other research institutions for knowledge and skills sharing.
  • Boost CUIB Economic Engine by Establishing Commercial Farms for chain Crops and Animal Production.  

Our Programs:

  • MSc. Nutrition and Food Quality
  • MSc. Sustainable Agriculture and Development
  • BSc. Integrated Agriculture (Agronomy, Animal Science, Food Science, Agribusiness /Extension and Natural Resources Management (Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife)).
  • HND Programs; Food Technology and Agro-Pastoral Adviser


Partnership with Communities and External Organizations.

Establishing relationships with communities and External Organisations to improve both research and pedagogic activities. In addition, ensure our curriculum stay with Industrial needs and facilitates self establishment and employment of our students. We have a strong collaboration with;

Institutes of Research for Agricultural Development (IRAD)

  • (IRAD Nkolbison, Yaounde, IRAD Batoke Limbe, IRAD Njombe.

Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), PAMOL, UCB Douala- Cameroon.

Other Universities

We work closely with our mentor university, the University of Buea our mentor, University of Dschang, Delaware State University   USA, North Carolina University and University of St. Thomas USA.

Students Awards due to their brilliant entrepreneurial projects:

  • 2016: Wulba Charles, Tuku Felicitas and Onana kedem Ornella won the Science of Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition wording 1500 dolars. 
  • 2017: Kinge Edie Emmanuel won the 5000 dolars award from the United State Institute for Young Leaders (SUSI Program).
  • 2018: Tuku Ewunsoh Felicitas and Mukoko Gilbert were among the 24 candidates selected to study in the SUSI Program where they were given 5,000 dollars and did 5 weeks training on entrepreneurship and leadership skills.
  • 2018 and 2019 respectively, Mutumah Wendy won the African Youth Development Summit award and the Mike Oladipo Global Influence award in the United Nations.

Student Experience

Farm practice, Internships and Field Trips give the students a practical and professional experience in their domain of specialization as they meet, interact and learn from local farmers, researchers, technicians and experts in the field.


  • Greenhouse Crop Production of organic products (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrots, Bell Pepper, Onions.).
  • Commercial Maize and Poultry production farm.
  • Graduation of first batch of M.Sc. Students in Nutrition and Food Quality.
  • Many of our students have independent farms and NGOs with the desire to practice their much-accumulated knowledge.


  • Green House for research and hands-on activities.
  • Two tractors to facilitate our farm activities.
  • Labs in Wokaka and a poultry house in Bojongo.


Are Employed
Self Employed
further studies


Classes will be done online through Google classroom, Skype, and WhatsApp, and on site as normal lecture as we use to have in Buea. Both classroom face to face contact hours and online teaching facilities will be provided
These will also be done online using Google classroom, Email, WhatsApp, and onsite (Laborator
A time table will be scheduled, some lecture will be done online and onsite where the student will have face to face lectures with the lecturer.
In Douala, the satellite campuses are located in Bonamoussadi, Parcour vita, Rail Bonaberi and IPF Bepanda. However, the students’ service center will assist and facilitate house search for student.
If you are staying in the family house, you might not find it necessary to rent. However, students who would like to rent are recommended to contact the student service center which help you to find suitable and secure accommodation in Douala and Yaoundé at affordable cost.
You will have to pay only for one rent. The students center will arrange everything, wherever you would like to be, either in Douala or Buea
The student service center will be in charge of logistics and transportation arrangement. Tel 657 166 447 / 673 550 388
Please kindly contact the student service Tel 657 166 447 /673 550 388
The vision of CUIB is to have satellite campuses in all regions of Cameroon. We are moving step by step. For the meantime, we have started with Douala and Yaounde and gradually we will extend to the other regions.
Demonstration plots have been identified and are already available for farm practice In the satellite campus. We will also be having some field trips and visits to industries.
Contact students service center at 657 166 447 / 673 550 388
No, they are just an extension of CUIB with the main campus being Buea. They will still be Catholic University Institute of Buea, (Douala center or Yaounde center)
Yes, the fees should be paid in any of the banks in partnership with CUIB as it uses to be done.
For the BSc and Associate degree and HND programs, candidates must have at least 04 subjects at the Ordinary level and at least Two Science subjects at the GCE level. Applicants with one or two subjects other than science subject can be admitted only if they take engagement to enroll in the vocational training program of CUIB. -For the Master program, Applicant should have a Bachelor of Science or Equivalent in any Agricultural Field
-The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources foster Sustainable/Organic Agriculture, for healthier people and environment. -We offer an integrated program that cut across Food science, Animal science, Agronomy and Agribusiness (4 in 1). After their undergraduate, students can continue with a Master in any Agricultural field.
Dean, School of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Ndumbe Gilbert
Sophomore student
CUIB School of Agriculture and Natural Resources Is the place to be
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senior year student
Studying in the school of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been amazing.


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