Business Plan Challenge

Every year as part of its ENP 401 program, CERI organizes a three day business plan challenge contest prior to commencement day celebration. As climax of its entrepreneurship training and practice project, seniors as well as challengers are expected to file in an entry/application form, follow the approved template guidelines to submit in soft and hard a business plan to a jury. All participants are expected to occupy and decorate a kiosk, make it attractive and be available onsite for three days to pitch their projects to visitors and jury. The ENP score constitutes an assessment of submitted plans, voting and jury. The Business Plan Challenge (BPC) is a highlight of CUIB’s Entrepreneurship training and practice program. It is a flagship event of CUIB hosted by CUIB-CERI every year


Construction and allocation of stands to the students Prior to the BPC, around 180 stands were constructed at Molyko Campus. It is important to note that only students who have submitted their business plan were allocated personal stand. Each stand holds a plaque cart showing clearly the name, the number of the stand and the business idea. 

Installation onsite by candidates and decoration of the stands
The decoration was done by the students in order to attract the voters at the stand. The exhibition constituted by the pictures, drawings, business model excerpts to highlight the business plan.