Parents Corner

Welcome to the City of Saints and Scholars and congratulations on becoming CUIB Parents!

You play a vital role in the lives of our students on and off campus and for this we say Thank You. The teachers and school systems clearly can’t do it all on their own. Your support of programs like parents Weekend and attending various CUIB flagship traditions   and other gatherings will build the CUIB bond and network both on campus and around the country. As the university strives for excellence, you our major stakeholders are part of this journey to success.Kindly explore our website for more information about CUIB and contact us with any questions.

Know About Our School & Colleges
CUIB has four schools: School of Agriculture and Natural Resources; School of Information Technology; School of Business and the School of Engineering.
Concerned About Fees? See Details
Tuition is the fee charged for teaching and instruction by the University. It is different from other fees and costs that students would need to pay for in order to maximize.