Fee Structure

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Tuition and Other Mandatory Fees and costs

Tuition is the fee charged for teaching and instruction by the University. This is different from other fees and costs that students would need to pay for in order to support, enhance and maximize their learning experience and stay at the University such as Text books, Health care, Sports, etc. The University reserves the right to prescribe these fees and costs of which some are prescribed by the Ministry of Higher Education and others by the University for smooth functioning and realization of the University’s Mission, Vision and Identity. These costs are either Mandatory or Optional. Optional costs are those that the student may pay at their discretion. Mandatory fees and costs are those that are required for all students. Some costs pertain to students of particular programs. Below are the official Tuition and Other mandatory costs for the academic year. Parents and Guardians are advised to study the fee structure of the University for better understanding of the University’s requirements. Parents/guardians are advised to contact the finance office in case of any doubts.

Tuition for Undergraduate Degree (B.Sc) : 850.000 FCFA per year, studies carried out for a period of Four (4) Years( Undergraduate American system model). Tuition for HND: 250.000 FCFA per year, studies carried out for a period of Two(2) Years (HND Cameroon Model) 

(See Fee structure explanation and table below for summary of Tuition and other Mandatory Fees and costs)

Health Fee
Health Fee This annual fee, subsidized by the University, helps in running the University’s Health Clinic known as the Sr Emmanuela Fomenky Memorial Foundation Health Clinic. Running a Health clinic is a requirement by the Ministry of Higher Education for all Universities in the country. This fee covers free Doctor’s consultation, free laboratory tests, some basic medications, and minor health problems such as typhoid, malaria, colds, and sprains that students may suffer from while they pursue studies in CUIB throughout the academic year. It liberates the Parents from any worry about the health of their children. The University Clinic has a Resident Medical Doctor, Nurses and Lab technicians with state of the art equipment for running various tests. Cost: 20.000 frs CFA
Text Books
In order to maximize their learning experience, students are advised to obtain basic textbooks for their core disciplines. It is not enough for students to hire these books from the University Library and use for a short period of time. It is highly recommended that they own their copies for future study and reference. The university insists on Text books only. The sale of “polycopies” as it is popularly known in Cameroon (that is notes of teachers put together in a book form) by lecturers is NOT ALLOWED. In CUIB lecturers are to provide students with material for reading without asking them for any pay. There is the University Intranet where notes and other useful material are provided to the students for free. These textbooks will vary per student’s program of studies. This Cost is Optional.

Professional Wear

The Mission of CUIB is to Prepare Professional Servant Leaders. This aspect of CUIB’s mission is articulated at the Sophomore Convocation, a ceremony unique to CUIB as an Entrepreneurial University. This fee is paid during the Sophomore year and Level II HND prior to Students taking their Sophomore Convocation Oath in which they promise to be professionals in the various departments of their choice. It is expected that students would have known their professional path before this ceremony. Generally, students come into the first year not very certain about their career options. It is expected that by the second year, before this ceremony, students would have known their Professional career, begin using their Professional wear be they Engineers, Bankers, or IT specialists and take the professional oath. The Professional wear which is worn once a week that is every Monday and during Professional Association events, is meant to remind the students of the fact that they are pupil professionals and must begin cultivating the values of professionals such as Availability, Service to the community, Integrity, Accountability to others and the society in which they serve. This wear is provided by the University Cost: 5.000 FCFA

Identification Card
Students once admitted and registered are privy to own a university identification card. This card identifies them with CUIB and is used during academic activities including examinations and entrepreneurial activities like the trade fair where it permits the students to enter the Annual Trade fair ground. It also serves as security. Students are advised to keep it safely. If it gets missing, they will be required to make new ones at a fee to enable them participate in university activities. Cost: 5.000 FCFA. This cost is mandatory
Sports & University Games Fee
This fee is paid by all students. It partially supports a variety of activities for the students especially the University Sports Academy. It also partially covers admission into athletic events; competitions such as the National University Games, BHISCO Games as well as internal sports competitions. Cost: 10.000 FCFA

Student Individual Development Plan (SIDP) Booklet

This booklet, unique to CUIB, contains a student’s academic history and progress subdivided into four main areas: Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Career and Academics. It is the student’s academic “vade mecum” for his or her entire stay at the university that maps out the pathway for the student integral growth and development. Since students are assigned to lecturers on a one-to-one coaching basis, this booklet outlines the major goals, activities and events that the student must accomplish within each semester. It also contains remarks of the Faculty, counselors and coaches on the student’s growth and achievements. This plan must be reviewed by the faculty mentors at least once a semester. The university recommends that Parents and Guardians should feel free to look at IDP Booklet of their children in order to appreciate their progress at school. Like their Identification card, the IDP Booklet is to be presented before obtaining a Form A2 from their various schools. Returning students must show proof that they have the Student IDP booklet before obtaining their Form A2. This booklet which is like the Student Career diary should be guarded jealously. This book is given for free at the beginning but those who are careless with theirs will have to pay a very high cost of 2.000 FCFA to obtain a new one. Cost: 2.000 FCFA for a missing SIDP booklet.

STUGA Fee Subscription
The Student Government Association (STUGA) fee supports the academic and recreational activities of the association- the body that is elected by the students to man their affairs and liaise with the administration. Cost: 3.000 FCFA. This cost is mandatory
Library Fee
The library fee is designated to support programs and initiatives that directly benefit students. This includes the addition of new technology and books in the CUIB library as well as manages library exhibits and activities. Cost: 2.000 FCFA.

Corporate T-Shirt

The fee is to provide the University’s corporate t-shirt to the student as an entrepreneurial University. As future entrepreneurs, the corporate T-Shirt reminds them of the importance of a corporate culture in any business organization. Major companies have their brand Corporate T-Shirt like MTN, Orange, Source du Pays, Eco Bank and Camtel Cameroon. The CUIB corporate T-Shirt identifies the student to CUIB and the values that CUIB holds dear such as integrity, honesty, excellence, servant leadership, hard work, spirituality and Character. It also builds togetherness, family and team spirit within and out of the university as it is also worn by the President, Provost, administration, faculty and staff. It brands the institution and the students. The T-shirt is worn every Wednesday, at community service events, and the monthly guest speaker event organized by the University where top entrepreneurs and leaders share their experiences with the students and the rest of the University community. This Corporate T-Shirt is provided by the University. Cost: 5.000 FCFA. This cost is mandatory

University Bulletin
The University Bulletin contains general information about the university for the entire academic year such as calendar, email and phone contacts of faculty, staff and administration, offices, programs, services offered by the University, innovations for the year and other useful information that the student will need throughout the academic year. It is the year’s “Vade mecum” for the student. Cost: 3.000 FCFA
Customized Bible
In order to preserve its identity as a Catholic University, CUIB has a customized Bible, with some information on CUIB for all its students. This is not to convert them to Catholicism but to help them appreciate the Catholic Intellectual tradition whose roots are biblical. For non-Christian students, this customized Bible will help them appreciate the Christian tradition which is centered on the Scriptures.Cost: 2.000 FCFA.

Commencement Robes

Regalia are required to participate in CUIB’s Commencement Ceremony. As in most US universities where students are asked to order from their University stores the approved regalia, CUIB provides to its graduating students, gown, tassel and hood, honour medallion and alumni pins (the eagle) which is specific to CUIB only. It is part of CUIB’s tradition that students who enroll in the BSc 4 year undergraduate programme own their commencement regalia. This tradition is unique to CUIB as it helps students bond with their university as true alumni. Keeping their regalia reminds them of the need to grow in learning as scholars (those who live to learn and are good at it) and it is expected that in the future they can show their academic regalia to their children and children’s children of the importance of hard work, Character and Spirituality. With this regalia, they become true eagles of CUIB from the City of Saints and Scholars. Cost: 50.000 FCFA for Senior Class only.

International Students Processing Fee
This fee is paid by all international students at their senior year. This fee will defray the cost that it takes to obtain a 6 months valid equivalence of their foreign certificates certified only by the Ministry of Higher Education, “Office of Equivalence”. Degrees will not be awarded to foreign students unless this exercise is fulfilled satisfactorily at the Ministry of Higher Education in Yaounde. Cost: 50.000 FRS CFA for International students in Senior Year only
Student Handbook
The student handbook contains information about the students’ academic life in the university, their schools, programmes offered as well as courses and course outlines where applicable. The book is a guide to students as they pursue their studies in CUIB (used as a companion document to the University Catalog and other published regulations and guidelines issued by various offices and programs of the University). It bears detail on courses, credit value, requirements for graduation among others. This book is available online for free.

Development Fee

A new and fast growing university like CUIB needs to serve anticipated population growth and avoid overcrowding. CUIB’s population has increased from 295 when it started in 2010 to 1,672 students in 2015. This growth is unprecedented. The CUIB Development fee was prescribed by the Board of Trustees of the University for every Student to assist the university to assure adequate educational facilities. Each year, this fee goes to support the Master Plan or strategic infrastructural development of the University. Through this fund, the university has been able to address its population growth. During the Parent’s week-end, the President appreciates the parents of this philanthropic gesture to support the establishment of adequate educational facilities for their children. Cost: 10.000 FRS CFA.