Key Flagships

These are traditions that are unique and symbolic to CUIB: aspects of the culture that make CUIB's unique identity.CUIB’s Flagship Traditions are the special customs that denote CUIB’s uniqueness. Some are directly linked to the Catholic tradition, such as the EoC hour, which puts God first, in the middle and at the end of everything that we do. Others are celebrated days at the institution such as the Commencement, convocations of freshmen and sophomore students.

It is the celebration of all alumni returning home. BSc. & HND return to alma mater, in Latin it means to the mother, so in effect we return home to CUIB. This is celebrated every year during commencement so that we bring meaning and honors the memories of those we nurtured - So, we use this event to welcome all our HND graduates home
Open Convocation
This is the day when freshmen are honored. In turn, they pledge their support for CUIB’s vision and promise to work towards the growth of CUIB. Returning students realign and reaffirm their support and their pledge through the matriculation oath.
Founder's Day
This is the day our Cherished Chancellor, Bishop Bushu founded the university with his trusted and loyal supporters
This is the event where we commemorate an important milestone in your education, the end of the students’ time at the University with us. The primary reason we are here, to educate our students and pass on a legacy of educated, proud graduates to follow their destiny and calling, and in so doing, leave a footprint that started at and tracks back to CUIB.