School of Journalism and Communication

Welcome to the School of Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) was created in 2022 to respond to a felt need in the field of journalism and communication in the 21st Century and in the evolving media landscape with ever-growing challenges. The school provides students the opportunity to study a wide range of issues in journalism and communication split into core courses in theory adequately blended with practice. These include aptly designed practical and theoretical courses rarely incorporated in most training in these areas, like Script writing and cinema, Human communication, graphic design, video editing, newspaper and magazine layout. Students shall benefit from the rich experience of seasoned experts and professionals whose experiences cut across classroom and field practice over many years. As a Diocesan university with a Diocesan TV, Radio station and printing house,

Our Motto

Programmes Offered

We offer a four year Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Communication with accompanying skills to fill gaps where graduates from other training outfits grapple with for many years before they could become employable. Our BSc programme is mentored by the University of Buea. We also offer three to five months International Certificate and Diploma courses in collaboration with Godinmartins Academy in Britain in the following fields:
  • Video and Film Production
  • Video Editing
  • Directing for Film and Production
  • Internet Broadcasting
  • Broadcast Journalism

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the SJC, the candidate must have passed at least four subjects at the GCE Ordinary level and at least two subjects at the GCE Advanced level excluding Religion. Foreign students should get a Certificate of equivalence form the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon. The Catholic University Institute of Buea admits students from diverse language background.


We live in a powerfully media-driven world where the experience of life for many has become a media experience especially with the advent of digital era. Conscious of the breakneck speed with which digital revolution is shaping journalism and human communication, we are excited to launch modern entrepreneurial communication training that meets the demands of cutting-edge digital technology and media convergence not readily available in most universities, higher institutes of learning in Cameroon and other countries in Central and West Africa. The intent is to make journalism continue to play its role in public service as the fourth estate of the realm. We want to form professionals who are saints and scholars with a growth mindset to flourish in a rapidly changing world.

Our experience with graduates from journalism schools serving in our media organs and institutions across the country, gave us reasons to establish this School of Journalism and Communication with a determination and passion to make a great difference: “To form modern media professionals by blending theory and practice with cutting-edge digital technology and to promote human communication skills and modern story telling techniques that would enable our graduates stand out and pursue greater opportunities in the era of media convergence,” which is our mission. We shall not only lecture, we shall tutor and mentor in theory and practice to equip young people with relevant and ready needed skills in journalism and communication in the digital era and the industry.

Come to CUIB School of Journalism and Communication and master the technologies and techniques of modern story telling that the world leading newsrooms have armed themselves with and the key trends that will shape the profession in the next century. I must assure you that before you graduate from our school, you shall be equipped to face any field of communication with equal knowledge in theory and practice. Ours is a journalism degree that fits the changing fortunes of the profession.

Dr.Tata Siengfred M’sene, BSMB,
Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication.


To restore the fascination power of the journalism profession in our society and to become a world leading growth mindset school in Journalism and communication.
To form modern media professionals by blending theory and practice with cutting-edge digital technology and to promote human communication skills and modern story telling techniques that would enable our graduates stand out and pursue greater opportunities in the era of media convergence.
Our Goals
Lecture, Instruct and mentor students to excite, enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical skills and imbibe in them a growth mindset that meets the needs of digital transformation in the evolving media landscape.

  • Give students holistic education where learning and character go together with morality, ethics, human development and the fear of God so that we can produce saints and scholars as against intellectual giants and moral dwarfs.
  • Equip students with modern research tools to give them a zeal for originality in their research and develop capacities to detect fake news thereby enabling the community to access verified data and information.
  • Lay foundational knowledge in students that enables them pursue diverse career options in areas like script writing and cinema, public speaking, entertainment, marketing communications etc.
  • Drill students to master the different media writings styles in TV, Radio, print, and online in theory and practice and expose them to real time industrial experiences.
  • Forge ties with reputed universities abroad to foster knowledge exchange through twinning programmes and, student and faculty exchange.

    Employment opportunities
    With a degree in Journalism and Communication, you are open to the following employment opportunities. Jobs directly related to a degree J&C include:

    • Advertising copywriter
    • Broadcast journalist
    • Communications Manager
    • Digital copywriter
    • Editorial assistant
    • Freelance writer
    • Graphic designer
    • Magazine features editor
    • Magazine journalist
    • Multimedia specialist
    • Newspaper journalist
    • Photographer
    • Press sub-editor
    • Producer
    • Public relations officer
    • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
    • Web content manager
    • Writer

    Community engagement or outreach
    Journalism and Communication though may be interesting or even entertaining, the foremost value of news is as a utility to empower the informed. The purpose of journalism and communication is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments. By reporting on local issues and events, journalists can help educate residents about the political process and encourage them to get involved in their communities.