School of Law

Welcome to the School of Law

The school of Law is a newly created institution by the Catholic University institute of Buea. The school is opening its doors to the potential law graduates for the first time for the 2023/2024 Academic year.

The Catholic University institute of Buea (CUIB) is a Diocesan University that was founded by His Lordship Immanuel Bishu Balingo and is now under His Lordship Michael Bibi Miabesue the 4th resident Bishop of the Diocese of Buea. The Catholic University institute of Buea was created in order to meet the needs of the community for a Catholic Institution of Higher Learning with authorization from the minister of Higher Education. The Catholic University institute of Buea was created on the 11th July 2009.

By decision No 10/02173/N/MINESUP/DDES/ESUP/SAC/NJE/ebm of the 26th May 2010, the Catholic University institute of Buea was authorized to go operational and the University opened its doors to the pioneer students on the 4th of October 2010.

Our Motto


Welcome to the School of Law of the Catholic University institute of Buea. For now the school is offering Law at the undergraduate level at the Buea Campus. We shall endeavor to provide quality legal training and research opportunities, especially practical training with longer and more intensive practical training in law firms and at the courts in order to arm our students with the skills needed as legal professionals to practice law in our communities.

Our promise is to create an educational and conducive environment where our students can tap into their potentials and be the best competitive ambassadors for the faculty, their families and themselves at their work place and community at large. The training of our students is only possible through efforts of our dedicated and experienced academic staff who work together with other public partners and academic peers (national or/and international) to expose our law students to relevant formation and research. You only need to do your own part of the bargain by taking your studies serious and being disciplined.

We are delighted that you have chosen to share your career with our school of Law. Please make effective use of the opportunity to study at this great institution.

Program offered: Bachelor degree in Law (LLB) (Hons).
Duration of studies: 4 years
Admission Requirements: A pass in at least four subjects (04) at the GCE “O” level and at least 2 subjects (02) at the “A” level (Religion is accepted.
Fee structure: Application fee: 15,000 FRS Late application: 20,000frs TUITION FEE:
Graduation requirements: Admitted students must successfully complete the requirements from the major section (university requirements, core courses and internship) and earn a minimum of 240 credits.

Objectives of degree programme

  • To provide legal training for potential law graduates by grounding them in the fundamental areas of the Common law and some civil law subjects.
  • To equip and arm potential law graduates with skills and competence underpinned with moral and spiritual values and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To facilitate, given the duration and the nature of the training, easy admission and graduation from the law school in order to embrace legal practice
  • Point of pride

    Our point of pride demonstrates the resource and connection we offer that lead students to successful and rewarding career. We excel by providing an academic experience that is not only distinguished by excellence, but also prepares students with the intangible leadership qualities employers are seeking (Servant Leadership).

    Career opportunities

    On completion, law graduates have employment opportunities in the legal profession:

    • Solicitors and Barristers at Law
    • Magistracy
    • Notary public
    • Sheriff/ Bailiff
    • Legal consultancy
    • Legal Adviser in various public and private institutions
    • Working in multinational corporations or serving at international legal institutions

    What Is Different?

    I. Duration of studies: Four years is sufficient time to cover more law subjects and do internship to see and put legal knowledge into practice
    II. Holistic formation: The philosophy is to see Education as holistic formation of the human person which produces genuine intellectuals and saints (i.e upright citizens) at the same time.
    III. Moral and spiritual values: Training to produce law graduates that are truthful, respectful and imbued with an active conscience in the discharge of their duties.
    IV. Entrepreneurial spirit: To produce law graduates who would become job creators and not job seekers, thereby changing the dynamics of many certificate holders who have unsuccessfully been hunting for jobs for years
    V. Servant leaders: Implant into the prospective lawyers the notion that whatever knowledge or skills acquired or position occupied in the society, all is aimed to serve and not to be served or to be arrogant and Lord it over others.
    VI. Follow up of students: To ensure that students must attend classes by taking attendance and to summon the parents in special troublesome cases that we have unsuccessfully attempted to fix
    • Students’ application and procedure. The application procedure is online and can be completed in less than 05 minutes at the following website:
    NB. For any further inquiry or information, contact