Cuib Community Stakeholders Scholarship (C2S2)

The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) launched the CUIB Community Stakeholders Scholarship (C2S2) during the 2014/2015 academic year. This Scholarship is meant for academically talented Students from economically challenged and disadvantaged backgrounds within the University Host Communities. The first phase of this Scheme started in the 2014/2015 Academic Year, with 12 scholarships offered to eligible candidates within 12 eligible Communities.

This is an initiative of the President’s Steering Committee. The President has handed the Development and Management of the Scheme to the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation (CUIB-CERI) as part of the University’s Economy of Communion Philosophy and Community Engagement Initiative. The number of Students awarded this scholarship varies from year to year. This Academic Year, applications are opened to students from all the University Host Communities. However, candidates who come from Wokaka (Campus B) and Wokoko (Campus A) where the University runs its two Campuses will have priority.


The Scholarships will cover Tuition, Library Fee, Student Government Association Subscription, Identity Card, Health Fee, Official Wear, University Corporate T-Shirt, Technology Services, Student Handbook and Calendar, Sports & University Games and Development Fee for the Higher National Diploma (HND) Programme which is hosted by the College of Business and the College of Technology. The Scholarships will however NOT cover accommodation and living expenses. It is renewable on an annual basis subject to good academic and ethical performance.


  • Candidates must be enrolled into the Catholic University Institute of Buea.
  • Candidates must be a permanent underprivileged resident of either of the Communities: Buea, Wokaka, Upper Muea, Lower Muea, Molyko, Wokoko, Great Soppo, Small Soppo, Woteke, Wovilla, Sasse and Bonjongo and any other nearby village selected by the University Authority. These Scholarships are for HND Programs run by the University and will last for two academic years.
  • Candidates must present a Recommendation Letter from the Community Councilors and endorsed by the Chief of the Village.
  • Be academically qualified to enroll in a specific HND program of the applicant’s choice.

NB: Villages without qualified candidates will lose their place to villages with the most qualified candidates.

  • Obtain a Community Stakeholders Scholarship Application Form from the Admission Secretariat or
  • Click Here to Apply after you must have applied for admission into the University.
  • Photocopy of your Academic Records Attached.
  • A brief essay on why you think you should be awarded the scholarship (Is part of the Application Form).
  • Attach a letter of Recommendation Letter from your Community Councilors endorsed by the Chief.
  • Fill and Submit the Application File to the office of Admission not later than Wednesday 21st September 2016 by close of Business.


The Community Councilors nominate three (3) candidates from each of the eligible communities. All nominations should be endorsed by the Chiefs. The Admission Office will then select ONE out of the THREE NOMINEES from each Community.

This Scholarship has been awarded to a host of Students in recent years (link to past beneficiaries of the scholarship).