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Student Incubator Program

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CCBIP is run by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation (CERI). It provides an enabling environment for the conception of start-ups and development of student business ventures at the Catholic University institute of Buea, (CUIB), by facilitating provision of services and resources. The incubator program offers support to start-ups for a maximum of three (3) years through coaching, mentoring, counseling, protection services and a special environment to operate with the aim of improving their chance of survival once introduced to the competitive business world. Incubator graduates have the potential to roll out their activities, create jobs, commercialize new businesses entities or technologies, and strengthen local and national economies. The goal is to ensure that promising SMEs are competitive and resilient in their sector. This department currently has and is seeking additional collaboration and networking opportunities for its start-ups between industries, universities, research institutions and other incubators worldwide for mutual support, partnerships and engagement.
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The Emerald group
The Emerald Group was an entrepreneurial base group in CUIB made up of seven students in the department of Chemical Engineering formed on the 7th of February 2013.Their mission is to improve health conditions and reduce preventable illnesses through the use of the Moringa Plant:
My Mates
An entrepreneurial base group hosted for the first time online on the 1st of September 2014 as a web platform. It is an interactive on-line Educational platform for Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning. It creates an online-classroom atmosphere between students, Lecturers
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