Sr. Emmanuella Fomenky Memorial Foundation Clinic


Sr. Emmanuella Fomenky Memorial Foundation Clinic

SR. EMMANUELLA FOMENKY MEMORIAL FOUNDATION CLINIC Buea, Cameroon is a Higher Institution of Learning Based Health Clinic owned and operated by Catholic University Institute of Buea. The clinic renders health services to the pupils, students, staff and faculty of CUIB, and the community.

Its mission is to improve on the health of pupils, students, staff and faculty of CUIB, as well as that of the community by delivering quality health services.

A competent medical team (medical doctor, nurse and laboratory technician) provides a  wide range of health services to the CUIB community,  including but not limited to health promotion/disease prevention services, clinical care services (medical consultations, laboratory exams and screenings) and health outreach services.Read More…

Points of pride

  • A well trained and competent medical staff available on a permanent basis
  • An equipped medical laboratory performing a variety of medical analyses.
  • A holistic and growth mindset approach to health care.
  • Moderate and subsidized Health services, laboratory investigations and medications.
  • Knowledge acquisition for Students, Staff and Faculty through health talks/education, health campaigns etc.


Not all services are free. As seen above, some services, medications and laboratory investigations are free, while some others not mentioned are paid for.

The health fee serves as a caution/insurance for the free services and medications rendered.

No, we do not admit patients, but we do have observation rooms where patients are permitted to rest while receiving treatment.

Yes, they are permitted to benefit from the health services because the objective of this health facility is to provide qualitative care to CUIB family and the community

So far, we have not established any partnership. Never the less, patients who need specific medical attention are referred to other hospitals and we follow them up.

Outreach services
CUIB – Sr. EFMFC provides health services through our health outreach programme to communities whose accessibility to such is greatly reduced by poor road infrastructure, financial constraint, reliance on road side medications and traditional remedy. Read More
What we have achieved
In March, 2019 CUIB - Sr. EFMFC trained pupils of the CUIB A & T and students of CUIB S & A during the CUIB Kids Talent Development programs organised by these schools.