Booth Camp

Booth Camp Activities

CERI organizes a boot camp and/or Start-up compulsory program for Seniors which is open to Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors as well as the general public who participate against a fee. The essence is to bring together developers, designers, sales people, product managers and curious entrepreneurs to share ideas, form a team, create products and launch start-ups within 54hrs. It begins with individual 60 seconds presentations, leading to the formation of teams around the best projects. The teams spend the rest of the weekend to work, seek the opinion of potential customers, validate their ideas and create prototypes with the help of experienced mentors and coaches. The last day the teams present their projects and receive guidance from a professional jury. Participants are trained into the art of pitching entrepreneurial ideas to gain recognition.

This yearly activity hosted during in November is part of ENP 401 CA sores for Seniors that ends with the business plan challenge contest in December of each year.


TrainingSenior students were trained on different modules related to the business model canvas such as:
Introduction to pitching
Developing your business model ( all the phases)
Value proposition, customer segments and relationship
Key activities, key resources and key partners
Revenue stream and cost structure

Pitching of business ideas ( 59 seconds/individual)The objective of this session is to allow each student to pitch the business idea in 59 seconds

Selection of the best ideas

The selection is done by a jury of professional coaches. The criteria used to select the best ideas are the following:
Value proposition
Description of the opportunity or problem that needs to be solved
Description of the product or service and its market
The qualification of the entrepreneur
The pitch itself

Designing Business Models

Students are assigned to design their own business model

Pitching of business ideas to corporate buyers during sophomore convocation

During the sophomore convocation on Saturday November 21,2015the following business ideas were pitched to corporate buyers.
Organic fertilizer
Animal farm
Cmart Life (an Application to follow up HIV patients)
Mosquitos reppealling cream
Signal jam
Toilet seat sanitizer
Solar power air conditioner
Security biometric
Memory gaz cooker
Transform plantain into flour

What we Do

The services offered by CERI generate resources, scope and tradition necessary to implement the learning processes inherent in building an entrepreneurial mindset:
Entrepreneurship Training adapted to different schools, programs, semesters and levels.
Entrepreneurship Practice enhanced through the design and implementation strategy of its programs, Economic Ventures and Support Services complementing activities offered by Schools, Centers and Clubs.
Individual and group initiative programs to prompt Research and Innovation in collaboration with schools and colleges accompanying base group activities.
Lab. to market ingenuities through its incubator program.
Community Engagement Initiatives and Partnerships.
Annual Entrepreneurship and Academic Fair (CCEAF).
Annual booth camp, startup activities that ends with a business plan challenge contest during commencement as climax of the ENP program.
Monthly Guest speaker colloquium activity.

Though development and restructuring is ongoing, CERI has made inroads into institutionalization through different facilities and services with the help of inter-institutional cooperation.

The following services officiate as a platform for student entrepreneurship training, practice, research, experience and knowledge testing as well as a forum for community and stakeholders’ engagement. These programs amongst others also serve as primary entrepreneurship incubator experience for students of the institution.

This Guide is complementary to those available from other Schools, colleges and Units that work together to provide services to students and other stakeholders of the university. The CERI main office is official source for all enquiries relating to:
Student Entrepreneurship Training and Practice (ENP) program;
Business and commercial activities of the University;
The student business incubator, and Venture Capital program;
Continuous Assessment (CA), information and material (scripts, questions, marking guides, statistics, class attendance sheet, etc).

ENP is built on a framework that guides, challenges and empower students to be able to:
Identify income generating ideas,
Develop a culture of determination,
Gather accessible tools to create and challenge existing industries.
Use entrepreneurial values and approaches to solve major problems.

Our students are groomed to understand that there is no need to wait for large and complex infrastructures and organizations to be able to transform ideas generated into tangible solutions. Typically, as budding Apply imagination to challenges to conceive prototype and create solutions that deliver environmental, social and economic value.

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About CERI

The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) has the following essential components:
The Academic component which is the University teaching arm;
The Research and Business component which is the Center for Entrepreneurship, Research, and Innovation, CERI.
The Pastoral Arm

CERI was created by His Lordship Mgr. Immanuel BUSHU, Bishop of the Diocese of Buea by a pastoral letter of 29th May 2011 to act as another arm of Catholic University Institute of Buea. It sets a platform for innovation and research for the university community. While the university itself will focus largely on the theoretical part of learning, CERI will focus on the practical and commercial aspects. These components complement each other in the process of providing students with the appropriate academic training, entrepreneurial skills and values needed to become professional servant leaders.

CERI is the Business Arm of the University. It was created to deliver a Research Park on the grounds of CUIB. The Research Park will be a virtual and a real – time entrepreneurial ecosystem to support training and development of entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators within the science, technology and engineering and mathematics disciplines.

CERI is different from other units of CUIB in that, it fosters innovation, commercialization, and regional economic competitiveness through collaboration among national and international universities, institutions, industries, businesses and governments. Also, as a self-sustaining proof of concept center of excellence, CERI works to facilitate the creation, integration and application of innovative solutions to community problems.

The success of CERI’s activities and actions provide a platform to companies which are ready to experience the Economy of Communion (EoC) philosophy and excellence in science and technological innovation. This unique access to first class intellectual capital is the cache of CUIB. Above all, CERI strives to develop entrepreneurial leaders with the vision to change the competitive landscape in the business sectors and to become the research center and knowledge hub for social innovation and entrepreneurship in Cameroon, Africa and the world.

If you are reading this page, chances are that you have an entrepreneurial idea and intend to make the world a better place. Reality is that there is nothing stopping you from achieving your vision. We hope this helps provide a supportive companion on this journey.
For further information or assistance in matters such as Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, Innovation and Research, contact the office directly using the Contact Form on the Download our Guidelines to Read More.