“We Make It Work”


The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) was created by His Lordship Mgr. Immanuel BUSHU, Bishop of the Diocese of Buea by a pastoral letter of 29th May, 2011 to act as the entrepreneurial practicum arm of CUIB.

CEI fosters innovation and transition from lab to market. As a self-sustaining proof of concept center of excellence, it works to facilitate the creation, integration and application of innovative solutions to community problems.

The success of CEI activities and actions provide a platform for companies which are ready to experience the Economy of Communion (EoC) philosophy and excellence in science and technology. This unique access to first class intellectual capital is the cache of CUIB.

Above all, CEI strives to develop entrepreneurial leaders with the vision to change the competitive landscape in the business sectors and to become the research center and knowledge hub for social innovation and entrepreneurship in Cameroon, Africa and the world.

To create an innovative platform for a communion of excellence through practical learning, entrepreneurship and community engagement for the benefit of CUIB stakeholders.


To help students become job creators and not job seekers.

The operations of CUIB- CEI are guided by the following core ingredients:

  • Economy of Communion (EoC).
  • Accountability, Responsibility & Commitment to service.
  • Innovation & Value creation.