CUIB Douala Campus Hosts Inspiring Guest Speaker Event

Theme: “A Roadmap for a Relevant and Engaging Business in a Digital Age”

The first guest speaker event of the second semester at the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) Douala campus proved to be an enlightening affair, centered around the theme “A Roadmap for a Relevant and Engaging Business in a Digital Age.” Spearheading this insightful session was none other than Miss Clarisse Ndinge, CEO, and founder of Beta Tinz Media, a renowned entrepreneur and host of various media shows

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to Miss Clarisse Ndinge by Dr. Ngangoum Eric, the Vice-president of General Administration at CUIB. Dr. Eric emphasized the significance of the guest speaker series, urging students to attentively absorb the knowledge imparted and leverage it effectively. He commended the Entrepreneurial Unit for diligently organizing such valuable sessions, which provide students with invaluable insights from industry professionals.

Miss Clarisse Ndinge, in her engaging address, urged students to transition from merely consuming social media content to becoming creators of valuable and engaging content. She stressed the importance of consistency in content creation and shed light on the challenges students may encounter when utilizing social media for commercial purposes. Moreover, she provided practical steps for overcoming these challenges and emphasized the importance of maintaining ethical standards and integrity in content production

The session concluded with an interactive discussion, during which students had the opportunity to seek clarification on various aspects of digital entrepreneurship and content creation. Miss Clarisse Ndinge’s profound insights and practical advice left a lasting impact on the audience, empowering them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and purpose.

The event not only provided students with valuable knowledge and guidance but also served as a testament to CUIB’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit and innovation among its student body. As the university continues to prioritize such enriching initiatives, students are poised to excel in the dynamic landscape of the digital age