CUIB-UB Joint Senate approves First semester results for 2023/2024 Academic Year.

In a momentous Senate Meeting held on Friday, March 22, 2024, at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, academic excellence took center stage as the results of the first semester were deliberated upon and approved. Chaired by the esteemed President of the University, Rev. Father Bartholomew Anyanwu, the meeting brought together a gathering of distinguished deans, directors, and the honored representative of the University of Buea, Prof. Fonge Beatrice . During this meeting, President Rev. Fr. Batholomew Anyanwu expressed heartfelt appreciation to the members of faculty and staff for their unwavering dedication and urged them to continue providing top-quality education to the students. His words of encouragement resonated throughout the institution, inspiring a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

Prof. Fonge, the esteemed representative of the University of Buea, commended the Catholic University Institute of Buea for the exemplary conduct of exams and encouraged the administration to maintain their high standards of academic integrity and delivery. The Vice President of Academic Affairs, Research and Cooperation, Dr. Felicitas Atabong Mokom on her part, explained the circumstances under which the examination was written and noted that no major incident was recorded in both campuses, Douala and Buea respectively.

The Senate Meeting concluded on a note of celebration and motivation as the Catholic University Institute of Buea continues to uphold its reputation as a hub of academic brilliance and ethical leadership. School of Business: The School of Business demonstrated exceptional performance, securing a noteworthy result of 84.8%. This achievement reflects the dedication and proficiency of both students and faculty members in the field of business studies. School of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Continuing the trend of excellence, the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources excelled with an outstanding performance of 85.1%. Students and educators in this domain exhibited a profound understanding of agricultural and natural resource management principles

School of Engineering: The Engineering Departments showcased commendable skills, achieving a notable success rate of 73.8%. This performance underscores the department’s commitment to technical innovation and problem-solving.

School of Information Technology: With a solid performance of 76.8%, the School of Information Technology demonstrated proficiency in the rapidly evolving field of IT, emphasizing the importance of technological expertise. School of Journalism and Communication: A remarkable achievement was seen in the School of Journalism and Communication, recording an exceptional performance of 96.7%. This high success rate underscores the students’ aptitude in effective communication and media studies. School of Health Sciences: Despite facing challenges, the School of Health Sciences maintained a commendable performance of 69.9%, highlighting the dedication of its students pursuing careers in healthcare. B.Tech Program: The B.Tech program achieved a success rate of 69.2%, showcasing the students’ commitment to technical education and innovation