Campus Life

CUIB offers facilities to ensure appropriate, effective and efficient training of its students

Get Lively And Stay Happy!!!

There are more than 20 active clubs and organizations at the University, where you can bust a move with CUIBY, prove your toughness on Pair bounding CUIB tournament and lots more.

If we don’t already have a club for what captivates you, create one. It couldn’t be easier to make CUIB your own!  So find what piques your

Security checks on Campus

Security checks on Campus

Your security is our responsibility

Stay safe in CUIB!  (Picture of campus security and content on security).Your security on campus is guaranteed with our on campus security guards, fenced campuses and lots of security cameras to ensure your safety.

Surf till you are tired!!

Our students enjoy free internet services through the WIFI on campus and they have the opportunity to make use of our ultra-modern computer lab

 time starts at 11:45am and ends at 1:30pm. It is a time when the University community stops all activities of the day to share with one another in the spirit of communion, fellowship and unity. On a daily basis, from 12:00pm to 12:30pm, the entire family converges to the CUIB Parish for the EoC mass. EoC time extends till 1:30pm. This hour is dedicated to sharing and each and every one brings out the homo agapicus in him/her. It is also during this hour that events such as Entrepreneurship Week, Volunteerism Week, Student Week and Cultural and Diversity Week are celebrated.

St. Martha Faculty, Staff and Students Club is a non-profit oriented unit of the University,
We expect our students to put in at least 100 hours of voluntary service before commencement