Transfer Students

The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) welcomes applications from students who have attended or are currently attending other Universities or Institutions of Higher Education and who wish to transfer to CUIB. Before applying, they must be familiar with the CUIB transfer requirements.


A hand –written application explaining the circumstances and factors which led him/her to ask for a transfer(For Transfer Cases Only)

A signed and dated CUIB Transfer Form obtained from CUIB Campus or website.

A detailed Academic Transcript from his/her current University showing the academic subjects that the student has taken and marks/grades obtained.

Copies of Academic Certificates should be attached (O level, A level, Baccalaureate, Probatoire etc.)


All candidates for transfer shall follow the same procedures for Freshmen Admission as stated on the admission brochures and on the CUIB’s website.

All applications for transfer cases should be addressed to the Office of Admission, CUIB, Molyko-Buea.
The Application for transfer shall be processed by the Officers of the Schools concerned chaired by the Provost or his Representative. The Director of Admission shall be the secretary to the committee.


Candidates are allowed to change their Schools/Programme provided they fulfill the following:
Application for change of School/programmes shall be considered at the end of the Academic Year and shall only take effect from the beginning of the next Academic Year after approval by the Provost.
A letter to the Provost applying for the change and should be endorsed by any of the parents which should include his/her phone number and a photocopy of ID Card.
A student who is authorized to transfer from one School or Programme to another shall first fulfill the entry requirements for the programme or School in which he/she prefers to enter. Secondly, if he/she had earned some credit(s) in the former school, they would be transferred if necessary to the new School/Programme

Transfer from Schools to the College of Business and Technology and vice versa shall have financial implications
Pay the relevant charges to any of the University bank accounts.A student can add or drop courses on their list of registered courses, within two weeks from that start of lectures.