School of Arts and Education


Greetings and welcome to the School of Arts and Education at the Catholic University Institution of Buea (CUIB), the citadel of learning. We offer some of the nation’s premier undergraduate programmes in three educational disciplines: CST, EPY and EFA. Central to our educational philosophy is to empower our students to excel in their chosen carriers and to prepare them to become professionals and competitive in the global market. Through our B.Ed programme, CUIB students become well trained in educational theories and practices, which prepares them for careers in both academic and applied research.

We have a strong and reputable team of faculty members who are not only engaged at the frontiers of teaching and research both at home and abroad, but also creating opportunities for our students to be mentored in all phases of the learning and research process. Besides, CUIB is actively engaged in teachers’ training in one of the three departments (CST). It offers various first-rate training programmes for teachers, counsellors and principals. Also, our new School of Arts and Education seeks to make extraordinary contributions to improving the state of education nationally and internationally.

As Dean, I am honored to serve in this new school composed of distinguished faculty, non-academic staff and students. Driven by the commitment to educational excellence, constant pursuit of knowledge and visionary thinking, CUIB hopes to occupy a pre-eminent place for teaching, research and outreach. I invite you to join us in that pursuit and make the most of your time here as you advance your future career goals.

Professor Agbor Michael Ntui