School of Health Sciences

Welcome to the School of Health Science

The School of Health Science(SHS) is a professional school dedicated to training medical practitioners of different domains in an innovative educational environment. It has an extensively equipped medical laboratory/simulation room and is managed by professionals in the health care field with outstanding backgrounds. Its curriculum is fine tuned to equip students with all they need to be valued and absorbed into the job market. Despite this, the university trains the students on paths they can use to contribute to the job market by playing an entrepreneurial role in creating opportunities for themselves and others. The school awards diplomas in its various departments upon completion of lectures, seminars and field research work.

Our Motto


The School of Health Science welcomes you to the city of saints and scholars. Our ever changing society, continually plagued by once unimaginable conditions, will always demand competent and reliable health care professionals. This contributes to the school’s driving force where we believe knowledge is the best medicine.

Keeping in mind the holistic approach of health care, we prioritize grooming our students to evolve beyond the mere care giver role often assigned to medical practitioners. It is for this reason our training lays emphasis on building up the interpersonal skills of students, integrating the practices of the several dimensions of healthcare, maintenance of professional and moral standards and mastery of those computer tools employed in today’s technologically advancing world.

Programs offered:
  • Nursing
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Pharmacy Technology
  • Midwifery

Admission Requirements:
  • 4 or more papers at the Ordinary level examinations or equivalent.
  • 2 or more papers at the Advanced level(excluding religious studies) or equivalent.

Point of pride

  • Our students have the privilege of practicing and gaining valuable experience from our nationwide distribution of Catholic hospitals. Some of these include Mt Mary Hospital Buea and Regina Pascis Hospital Mutengene. Law
  • We have an on campus advanced medical diagnostic laboratory/simulation room at the disposal of the students 24/7.
  • Notary The training programs are supervised and managed by experienced medical doctors, senior nurses/midwives and medical laboratory scientists.

Employment Opportunities

  • Nursing: This diploma is valued not only in hospitals or other health care institutions but is needed in the agri-food sector, health informatics, legal consultancy, insurance assessment and in medical research companies.
  • Medical Laboratory Science: Besides hospital labs, the world needs medical laboratory scientists in basic and applied research facilities, pharmacy, food technology, optometry(eye care), biometrics, agribusiness, system analysis, and forensic medicine.
  • Midwifery: The role of a midwife is not limited to nursing and aiding pregnant women in maternities. Disciplines such as health specialist coordinators, nursing/midwifery education and health institution management are all lacking without the presence of midwives.
  • Pharmacy Technology: Holders of this specialized degree are frequently employed in pharmacies of health care institutions, drug supply chains, cosmetics, research laboratories, health insurance companies, medical records/health information technology and as pharmaceutical representatives.

Top 5 frequently asked questions + proposed responses

  • Can I study in the school of Health Science without Biology and Chemistry?
    Neither Advanced level nor Ordinary Biology and Chemistry is required to study in any of the departments of SHS. Anyone with 4 Ordinary levels of any combination and 2 advanced levels excluding religion will be admitted into SHS.
  • How much is the fees for each program?
    All programs in SHS have the same fees. The fees however vary from year to You can find the fees for this academic year here.
  • Can an arts student study in the department of Pharmacy Technology or Medical Laboratory Science?
    All students of varying backgrounds, whether arts, technical or science are welcome to study in any department. To make understanding easier, the school has a remedial science course taught to first year students without the science background. The course is aimed at giving them foundational knowledge in Biology and Chemistry.
  • Will I be required to sew a daily uniform?
    All uniforms are sewn by the school and handed to students. The students are required to wear their uniforms on weekdays excluding Wednesday where wearing of the cooperate t-shirt(also given to students) is compulsory.
  • Do I need a laptop to study in SHS?
    Some of the courses require that students use computers for better understanding. Fortunately, the school has introduced beginner courses to help students learn how to use their computers productively. Such skills are also greatly valued in the job market which is why we insist on students becoming familiar with manipulating and operating computers.