The 2023 graduates of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, CUIB, have been charged to build circle or network as value chain and carry out background checks while demonstrating great character and skill. This call was made by Dr. Daniel Ekongwe, keynote address speaker during the 10th Commencement of CUIB in the Buea Campus. The Inspector General In Charge of International Cooperation, Publication and Academics at PAID International Executive Office General Secretariat, Yaounde, Cameroon, centered his address on the theme “The Spirit of Excellence as the force that drives the mindset of entrepreneurial growth today”.

The multilingual diplomat and scholar who seamlessly bridges cultural divides, challenged the over 290 graduates to develop personal brand like Steve Jobs of Apple, know and develop their audience as branding is the great equalizer. He went further stressing on the fact that when entrepreneurs are in a survival mode, the successful ones figure out very quickly, what works and what doesn’t work and then pivot from doing what doesn’t work to what works. He urged them to be successful entrepreneurs who would make constant course corrections during their entrepreneurial journey in the pursuit of their dreams and goals.

The prolific author and scholar, Dr. Ekongwe who has 14 publications, urged the graduates to place importance on accountability, emotional intimacy, and emotional intelligence, personal growth, expending network and quality friends. The visionary scholar would in the course of his presentation, called on all graduates to stay positive as negativity blocks the brain and shuts down the logical/analytical centers of the brain.

The Bishop of the Buea Diocese, His Lordship Michael Bibi who doubles as Chancellor/Pro-Chancellor of CUIB during his homily, enjoined the graduates to be guided by the Principle of the Common Good and the Society. The Chief Shepherd of the Buea Diocese went further to reiterate that those who seek the common good put others first above all else and even self. The man of God encouraged the graduates to be focused going forward as CUIB’s wish for them is for them to exceed the world’s expectation.

Rev. Fr. Batholomew Anyanwu, President of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Christened graduates “The Class of Resilience 2023” chiefly because they demonstrated resilience both mentally and academically. The ever-present, pro-active president appreciated the celebrants for being part of CUIB’s vision by promoting it entirely. He called on them to reflect on what they can do to shape the world, he urged them to keep going and be agents of change and transformation.

The 2023 valedictorian with a GPA of 3.97, Rev. Sr. Bijisang G. Ngwemetoh during her speech, appreciated the Chancellor/Pro-Chancellor Bishop Michael Bibi for reshaping the learning process; through the Hybrid Innovation learning approach, and the guidance throughout. The IT genius from the Software Engineering department implored her fellow graduates to celebrate the achievements of one another and uplift each other in order to make the society better. She declared that they (graduates) have leant how to solve problems through the CUIB platform and that she has no doubt of the indelible mark they will leave in the world. To the junior students, the best overall student of CUIB urged them to consider the institution as a beacon of hope and that they should embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship, take Catholic Studies seriously, and be extremely serviceable if they want real change.

The 2023 Commencement ceremony in CUIB Buea Campus was extremely colourful, educative and entertaining as outstanding students received prizes from partner companies and sponsors with one of the major highlights being the performance of one of Cameroon’s finest artists Magasco made possible by Source du Pays.

The ceremony was graced with the presence of the representatives of the Governor of South West Region, Nigerian Consul General, UB Registrar, Mayor of the Buea Council and a host of other dignitaries.