MBA in Management

What Is the Management Concentration?

The objective of the program is to develop high quality management professionals equipped with technical and managerial competency with a global mind set. Students will have the opportunity to develop a background that will make them well suited to general management and leadership positions in firms.

Who Is It For?

This MBA is aimed at:

  • students who may aspire to a career or role in management.
  • Students who need skills as autonomous entrepreneurs

What are the career opportunities?

An MBA of Management will position students well for guiding strategy at both established and emerging enterprises, as well as prepare them for positions with consulting firms that work with firms in setting their strategies. It provides MBA students with skills, analytical tools, perspectives, and experiences that prepare them for careers as autonomous entrepreneurs, family-business entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs in corporate settings. Whether a student wants to start a business while in school, join an emerging business, or set the groundwork to launch a new firm later in his or her career, the program aims to provide preparation for all of these exciting options.