School Of Business

Our Motto



Find the great stuff that goes inside

- Comprehensive curriculum

We offer a comprehensive curriculum for different career in Business.

Research focused

We are Business research focused.

SUSI Program

Our students participate in the Social Entrepreneurial Leadership program (SUSI) in USA.

We implement integrated and closely monitored industrial training.

Software training

We provide Software training for all our Business departments.


We are in Partnership with foreign institutions.

Academic exchange

Our school embraces the Possibility of international academic exchange programs.


Certificates and Subjects

To be admitted into the School of Business, Applicants must have at least 4 Ordinary Level Subjects and at least 2 Advanced Level Subjects. Students wishing to study Banking and Finance are encouraged to have Ordinary Level Economics, while those for Accounting are encouraged to have Ordinary Level Mathematics.
Foreign students should get a Certificate of Equivalence of their Certificates from the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon.

Student Application

The application is online and can be completed in less than 5 minutes at the website: An application fee of 15,000 FCFA is paid for registration into the BSc while a sum of 25,000 FCFA is paid for the registration into the MBA program. Late application fee increases by 5,000 FCFA for both programs. Once the application is submitted, the schools’ Admission Committee studies it and within a maximum of 72 hours, the student is informed if his/her application has been forwarded to the appropriate University body for final admission. Accepted students receive an admission letter signed by the competent authority of the University. For rejected files, reasons are given and the file owner is also informed within the same timeframe.

The School of Business was opportuned to visit and render cleaning services to the following institutions.

  • Bulu Blind Center Buea
  • Mile 17 park Buea
  • Buea Council and several visits to the orphanage
  • Junior year Work Experience Report Presentation
  • Senior year Project Defense
  • Entrepreneurial Trade fair
  • Bootcamp
  • International Seminar for MBA students
  • Master of Business Administration in August 2023


Tony Oluemelu Entrepreneurship Award
Our students are recipients of the famous Tony Oluemelu Entrepreneurship awards
International Jobs
Our alumni work for the biggest financial institutions in the world (World Bank, Citibank, Microsoft, JP Morgan and others).
Miss Cameroon 2023
The 2023 Miss Cameroon (Ndoun Issie Marie Princesse) is our present Junior year student in the Department of Management.


Sorelle Ngowe.
"My experience at Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) was a quite amazing one in general terms. As a Banking and Finance expert, CUIB transformed me from a Liability to an Asset and from a Raw-material to a finished product. As an asset I earned a Summa Cum Laude and now building a strong career with an outstanding post-graduate



563 Buea
South West Region
Landline: +237 233322829


School of Business has different levels of degree programs which include:
i. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) which is 2 years
– Accounting
– Finance
– Human Resources and Employment Relations
ii. Bachelor of Science which is Four (4) years
– Accounting
– Banking and Finance
– Management
– Human Resources Management and Employment Relations
iii. Higher National Diploma
– Accounting
– Banking and Finance
– Management
– Human Resource Management
– Logistics and Transport Management
– Hotel Management and Catering
– Digital Marketing
Yes! There are specific departmental requirement for Accounting as well as Banking and Finance. The requirement is a background in Mathematics.
There are lots of opportunities from being and entrepreneur to full job employability:
Entrepreneurship options
– Becoming a start-up
– Consultant
– Exposure to Funding opportunities
– Business incubation
Employability options
– Recruitment upon complication by partner institutions in Cameroon
– Professional mentoring
– Professional networking through guest speaker Scholarship and Postgraduate Support
– GMAT Support
– TOEFL Support
– Support for enrolment in Partner institutions such as University of St Thomas
School of Business has partnership with tops firms in Cameroon that facilitates internship placement
English is the Main language of instruction in CUIB but there are language support Services for students with language challenges.

Staff and Faculty

Dr. Mbu Sunday Agbor
Madam Caroline Nenty
Faculty in Human Resource Management
Mrs Mujieh Philomina Asohmboh
Faculty in Accounting
Mr Bansah Armstrong
Faculty in Accounting, Coordinator Douala Campus
Mr Epie Walter