BSc in Management

“…..Management is all and all”. This phrase by an ardent scholar in the field, Peter F. Drucker reflects the holistic approach to management scholarship embraced by CUIB and epitomized by the B. Sc. Management programme. The programme is built on the manifested need of the professional business world for skilful but versatile manpower capable of operating within ad-hoc and fixed teams to customize products and services to satisfy the increasingly exigent customers.

One of the most difficult equations facing practicing business managers in Cameroon and beyond is to shed off individualistic and self-serving tendencies of employees and build synergy for the corporate good. This apparently new problem is however just a reflection of egocentric business programmes that have been inspired by the quest for specialisation as projected by the coated failure of capitalism. The unavoidable end of such thinking is the existence of standalone specialised groups of employees (silos) who breed sub optimality at the expense of overall company good.

The ideology of the management programme breaks this chain towards self-destructive specialisation which inhibits professional flexibility by adopting an integrated approach with both compulsory and elective courses in the programme that cut across the entire spectrum of any 21st century world class business curriculum. Like any other programme in the School, the Management programme leverages on the mission of CUIB “…to produce professional servant managers with moral and spiritual values”. Far from being just a verbalised mantra, this is captured in the course structure with entrepreneurship and other personal development courses which span the entire eight (8) semesters of the programme.


As any foundation programme, the Management programme has three principal objectives:

  • To provide a firm foundation for post-graduate specialisation in the following areas which leverage on management background:
  • M.Sc. /MBA in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Operations/Production Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Logistics Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Financial Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Project Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Human Resource Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Marketing Management
  • M.Sc./MBA in Sales Management
  • M.Sc. Management information Systems

To prepare the students professionally for the following entry and mid-level jobs:

  • Project coordinators
  • Inventory managers
  • Management controllers
  • Production managers
  • Factory managers
  • Human resource managers
  • Loan managers
  • Logistics managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Community relation specialists
  • Management consultants
  • Junior/branch managers
  • Financial Managers

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