SB Testimonials

“To be a successful and great entrepreneur, the School of Business in the City of Saints and Scholars (CUIB) is the first step. The School of Business marketing program equips me with core capabilities to accomplish my dreams and aspiration to change the business sphere. The school of business is the best place to achieve great things.”

Fotie Koagne Lynda (15sb-002097)
Department Of Marketing
School Of Business

“The School of Business in its today’s amazing look, is more than a school to be when registering for a 4years (BSc) program. As a sophomore year Management student, my learning is experiential. I have a great admiration and respect for the charismatic distinction of the faculty and staff of the School – their perseverance and diligence at work, dedication to students, humility, compassion, sacrifice, service, and humor. This school has made a difference in changing students from learners to business and servant leaders to their community. I am grateful to be part of this life changing experience at the School of Business. It restores my hope for a better future.”

Doundeu Djele jerry (15SB-002369)
Department of Management
School of Business

“My experience at Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) was quite an amazing one in general terms. As a Banking and Finance expert, CUIB transformed me from a Liability to an Asset and from a Raw-material to a finished product. As an asset I earned a Summa Cum Laude and now building a strong career with an outstanding post-graduate. ”

Sorelle Ngowe