BSc in Accountancy

The philosophy of the Accounting Programme is based on the predicament that academic and professional excellence is fundamental for any student to succeed in today’s environment. The academic programmes are designed to prepare students to be able to fit in a dynamic, complex, expanding and constantly changing accounting profession. The programme also takes into consideration the 21st century global economy which is increasingly sophisticated and interdependent. This is why in the School of Management Sciences, students start specialisation only in the fourth semester. The first three semesters are used to lay an interdependent broad base.

The Department of Accountancy is embarked on training students to acquire managerial business decision-making skills that are relevant in the 21st century business world. In this respect, the curriculum is focused on both academic and industrial training. The academic component covers courses in Accounting, Finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurial studies. In the professional arm, students are required to do at least six months of industrial training before being eligible for graduation.

To create and operate in an environment that will help students pick up both academic and moral knowledge. To have students understand the background, theory and practice of human resource management and its system. Develop students understanding, critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of people management related data using methods and technologies. Produce an atmosphere where students can explore their creativity, work in teams as much as individually so as to enable them to have the desired behaviour and pick up values that will make them fit to sustain their careers. Developing the knowledge, skills and values of the discipline. Knowing and conforming to the ethics of the profession. Maintaining a high level of integrity, objectivity, competence, and concern for public interest.

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