Internships at SB

The Students of the School of Business are exposed to a rich professional experience and gaining of tacit knowledge (experiential learning) through three series of two Internships and Work Experience broken down as:

Internship I    4 weeks (one month)

During this internship students are expected to be exposure to the business environment to learning the following: Corporate culture, professional ethics and business communication. Possible places for Internship I: Small and Medium Size enterprises, Category I Microfinance, Super marketing, Departmental stores etc.

Internship II     8 weeks (two months)

This internship is aimed at exposing students to the business environment to identify and build the following: core career skills and competences required for their different areas of specialty; Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, Insurance, Management and Marketing. Possible places for Internship II: Category II and III Microfinance, Super marketing, Departmental stores, Consultancies, Construction and Manufacturing firms, processing firms, Service firms etc.

Work Experience   12 weeks (three months)

The Work Experience is aimed at polishing students’ capabilities for the corporate world. Student spent 12 weeks working in full flesh business organisations in the areas of specialty. Based on the students’ area of specialty here are a list of the possible organisations: Marketing Chains, Commercial Banks, Supermarkets, Central Banks, International Organisations, Service firms, manufacturing firms, public and Private corporations.