BSc in Banking & Finance


The Banking and Finance department offers courses leading to the award of a B.Sc. in Banking and Finance. The program is designed to inculcate in the students the ability to identify, analyse and offer solutions to complex financial problems that may arise from the technologically changing financial environment. The program also aims at cultivating in the student the basic work ethics that is required in a production economy which will result in self-reliance, sound moral discipline and individual actualisation.

Education in Banking and Finance aims at developing the necessary financial tools that will enable the individual occupy managerial positions in both government and private sector establishments such as Commercial Banks, Micro finances, Insurance Companies, Finance and Investment Companies, Brokerage firms, as well as building them into successful entrepreneurs.

Students of Banking and Finance will be taught causes on the portfolio behaviour of banks and non-bank financial institutions. They will also be exposed to the techniques of share valuations of profit maximizing and non-profit making organisations. The curriculum will enable the students appreciate the significance of capital expenditure decisions which are necessary for sustainable economic growth. Also emphasis is equally placed on thrift through courses in personal financial management.

At the completion of four years of rigorous academic work the students of Banking and Finance must have acquired the necessary knowledge to cope with the challenges of the wider society.

  • To enable the students gain knowledge and understanding of the institutional framework surrounding banking and finance, nationally and internationally.
  • To improve students’ understanding of the issues and problems in the banking sector.
  • To help students have a strong grasp of theoretical models of banking and finance at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels.
  • To enable the students have the ability to apply theoretical concepts as well as carry out proper financial analysis in real world situations.
  • To create the appropriate studying environment which will help create entrepreneurs who can easily adopt themselves to an ever changing economy.

Graduates from this program have a wide range of career opportunities in both the public and private sectors as:

    • Management accountants
    • Financial analysts
    • Investment bankers
    • Corporate, personal and private bankers
    • Finance officers (controllers)
    • Risk managers
    • Consultants (Financial advisers)
    • Financial planners

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