About SB

The School of Business is an integral school which offers a Bachelor of Science Program in four specialized academic disciplines namely: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Human Resources and Employment Relations and Graduate program in three disciplines: MBA in Accounting, MBA in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations and MBA in Finance. The School is an academic organ that is directly responsible for ensuring high academic standards of qualitative and quantitative teaching and Research. The development of highly competitive curricula for evolving departmental needs and forum for new approaches to research in the various areas is also a priority of the School.

Following the “hands on” policy of CUIB, the School of Business is divided into two arms: The Theoretical/ Teaching arm, headed by a Dean who coordinates the programs. The Practical arm which exists under the frame work of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation (CERI) of CUIB.


The School of Business is committed to educating students with a strong cosmopolitan body of knowledge fundamental in every business environment, rooted in ethical and spiritual values.


The Mission of the School of Business To foster team work and entrepreneurial innovations to enhance and develop students’ dynamism as experts in the business environment with emphasis on doing good business which is the basis for sustainability.


  • To equip students with a solid lining of moral and spiritual values which are directed towards creating saints and scholars in all disciplines in the school of Business.
  • To educate students who will generate entrepreneurial ideas and sustain Businesses.
  • To train students who will serve and impact the community positively.
  • To produce students who would adequately work and communicate with diverse teams.
  • To train students with proper Business ethics.