CUIB Entrepreneurship and Academic Fair 2023: School of Engineering Emergies Top

“Economy of Communion in Action” was the theme of the 2023 Entrepreneurship and Academic Trade Fair which was organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation at CUIB satellite campus in Bonaberi-Douala.

The Entrepreneurship and Academic Trade Fair is one of CUIB’s flagship traditions in which students are given the opportunity to showcase their innovation and skills acquired during entrepreneurship training in the classroom and is also being considered by stakeholders as an internship on Campus.

This year’s Entrepreneurship and Academic Trade Fair started on 6th February and ended on the 11th February 2023 and saw the participation of students from the Buea campus, top companies, institutions, small and medium size enterprises as well as some private businesses.

Some activities that were carried out during the one week academic fair included, seminars, exhibitions, talent development in the domain of music, modeling, cooking, drama and dancing.

Source Du Pays S.A was the main sponsor of this year’s trade fair accompanied by some companies who came in as partners such as Access Bank, and NFC Bank.

During the one week event, the different schools presented their innovations and activities of l to the public and was well applauded by visitors who got to discover some groundbreaking innovations from the university such as the Sewage Treatment Plant from the school of Engineering which is aimed at increasing water supplies, the three D laser printing and robotic from the School of Information Technology, Green Agriculture Technique from the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, just to name but these.

The School of Engineering also showcased their Washing Hand Powder, Ultra Spark Power Degreaser (Liquid Soap), Sculptures for some flower jars, wine and also produced a prototype of the Douala Campus made from some locally used materials

Mr. Eyong Thaddeus is the Director for the Center of Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation he told the Communications team that “during this period of the fair, the students are grouped in different stands where they are expected to take part in the businesses of the stand owners and later evaluated. So it is an academic event not just an event for fun or holiday that is why you see the students working hard to sell their business ideas and products to the public.”

He added that, “We always encourage our students to take the activities seriously since it is an internship on campus and make our students understand that team work is better which is why we make them work in a team per stand.”

Tina Eboua Kelly a senior year student in the department of Chemical Engineering in the Douala campus, she  told our press team that “This trade fair was a unique opportunity for us to showcased our products that are being produced from our chemical Engineering laboratory and I am happy we sold some to our visitors who were also very happy to see the products”

The President of CUIB Prof. Victor Julius and his team were present on Day 2 to see how the events were unfolding and he was happy with the level at which the activities were being coordinated and enjoined all the faculty and staff to put in all their efforts in making sure that the students have the best of experience and are well evaluated.  

Prof Ngoh attended some seminars and appreciated the theme of the seminars as well as the manner in which the keynote speakers delivered their discourse and told the press that “ This Academic fair is very important to the university as it is during such activity where the different schools showcase their products and activities of the students. The students have brilliant business ideas and businesses and use the trade fair to market their activities.”

Dr. Ngangoum Eric, Vice President of General Administration of CUIB and the president representative at the Douala Campus, he called on the students during the beginning of the fair to take it seriously and appealed to them to be disciplined during the fair by respecting the opinion of those working with them.

The closing ceremony which had in attendance Miss Cameroon 2023 a current student in the School of Business, Issie Princess saw the crowning of Master and Miss CUIB as well as award of prizes in the different competitions that took place during the week.

Dr. Ngangoum in his closing remark appreciated the effective collaboration between the organizing committee and the participants. He was also very happy with the participation of the students.