8th March Celebration of Women’s Day in CUIB

Female staff and faculty members of the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), the Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University have appreciated their male counterparts for coming out en masse for the celebration of the 33rd edition of the International Women’s Day under the theme “Digit ALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”.
In-line with the theme ,“Digit ALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”, CUIB women are proudly digital as the university is the first university in Africa that started the ubiquitous way of teaching, learning and delivery services thus, CUIB women at all levels saw the theme as a reminder for them to continue in setting the pace in digitalization.

The celebration took place simultaneously across both campuses with the women fully taking over the organization and coordination of their activities while being celebrated by their male counterparts who came out to say a big “Thank You”, to their female colleagues for putting in their best to promote the mission and vision of the institution.

The event in Buea campus was chaired by Mme. Mofor Theresa Vice Dean of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources and was accompanied by Dr. Felicitas Mokom, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation, Rev. Sr. Therese Njamfack just to name but these.
During the ceremony in Buea, the women took out time to appreciate the love and supports that they have been receiving from their male colleagues and also used the opportunity to appreciate the president Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh as well as the Chancellor/Pro-Chancellor, His Lordship Michael Bibi who was unavoidably absent for always giving a listening ear to the worries of the workers.
The women in their magnanimity gave the President of CUIB Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh the opportunity to address them as their father and Prof. Ngoh used his moment to congratulate the women for organizing the event and appealed that they should not relent their effort in making sure that CUIB achieves it mission and vision in preparing professional servant leaders with spiritual and moral values who will contribute in the sustainable development of their communities.
There were also moments of exchange of ideas where their male counterparts had to give their life experiences on how to build a good working and family environment with their female counterparts with all agreeing that a woman has a great role to play in the development of their communities.

In the Douala satellite campus, the event was chaired by Dr. Ebude accompanied by Mrs. Fanny, Mme Lipong Eposi, Abang Becky, Meh Sandrine amongst others and also had in attendance the Vice President of General Administration, Dr Ngangoum Eric.
Dr. Ebude Carine in her welcome remarks, thanked the male colleagues for accepting their invitation and went further to state that Women’s Day is a day where women have to remind themselves of the expectation the society has on them and encouraged the women to put in their best in all they do because they are the cornerstone of every economy.
The Vice President of General Administration Dr. Dr. Ngangoum Eric when given the opportunity by the women to address them, reminded the women about their responsibilities in impacting the world and told them that they have the powers to become whom ever they want to become thus, should not limit their minds.
He also used the opportunity to appreciate the women of CUIB Douala campus for not relenting their efforts in supporting the students to meet up with their objectives.
At the end of the ceremony, the male colleagues handed gifts to the women in Douala campus as a means of appreciation for all they have done to them.

After such a memorable women’s day experience in the two campuses, the President of CUIB, Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh iced the celebration mode with a promising labour day celebration come May 1.