Godinmartins Academy is Launching its Film and Multimedia Center at CUIB

Godinmartins Academy is Launching its Film and Multimedia Center at CUIB

Unit 01                                  Understanding the creative media industry (8 credits)

Unit 02                                  Plan and produce work to a design brief (8 credits)

 9 graded optional units:

Unit 03          Broadcast journalism (8 credits)

Unit 04          Directing for film and television (8 credits)

 Unit 05         Editing for film and television (8 credits)

 Unit 06         Factual programme production (8 credits)

Unit 07          Internet broadcasting (8 credits)

Unit 08          Studio lighting for film and television (8 credits)

 Unit 09         Multi-camera production (8 credits)

Unit 10          Single camera production (8 credits

Unit 11          Sound recording techniques (8 credits)

Programme can be short  Learning time . This could therefore be a 12 week for the Certificate courses and 16 weeks for the Diploma course

Entry requirements vary according to personal profiles. We would however expect prospective students to have a minimum of  GCE Advanced level or its equivalent . In cases where this is not the case, we would need substantial i

The course fees range from between XAF 300,000 Frs to XAF 500,000Frs. Fees are inclusive of placement costs and certificates

Modules/ Units 1 and 2 are compulsory and thereafter, students can chose 5 optional courses


Unit 3               Broadcast Journalism

Unit 5               Editing

Unit 8               Studio lighting

Unit 9               Multi Camera Production

Unit  10            Single Camera Production

Unit 11             Sound Recording

Programme hours are not necessarily taught Hours.

This is a sandwich course split into three parts (Teaching, Skills development with hands on training and internships )

Assessment is mainly practical, with some descriptive work re explaining THE PROCESS TAKEN.

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