Team CUIB emerged second at As Tech Competition amongst top 12 universities in Cameroon.

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, the Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University, have won the second Prize in the AS Tech Competition, an Inter-University competition that  brought together 12 top universities in Cameroon.

The competition was organized by ActiveSpaces in collaboration with  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbelt (GIZ) GmbH, aimed at giving the students opportunities to come up with eco-friendly innovations that can help to address some challenges in our society.

The CUIB team was made up of students from the School of Engineering, School of Business, Information Technology, Agriculture and Natural Resources, who presented on “Ecosystem of Plastic Recycling” that is providing solutions that can help reduce the rate of pollution in our communities.

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Earlier this year two teams of students from CUIB won USD 2000 from the FOWLER global initiative challenge that brought together over 20 top universities across the globe.

CUIB students have always occupied top three positions in national and international competitions. This is because the institution is a Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University which has a Center for Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship CERI, that builds the capacity of students in their different disciplines.

CUIB being a cradle of innovation, growth mindset and entrepreneurship has bootcamps, Academic and trade and other entrepreneurs activities that give the students the opportunity to network with each other and develop their potential to help address 21st century problems.