CUIB May 2021 Colloquium Guest Speaker event: Mr. Behyia and Dr. Neba impact students’ lives

Building a personal and professional brand as hallmark for enterprise growth and sustainability” was the theme used by Mr. Behyia Leonard Bruce, journalist and

communication consultant to drill the students of CUIB Buea Campus on Wednesday 19th May 2021 during the guest speaker ceremony.

The event was presided by Professor VictorJulius Ngoh, President of CUIB, accompanied by Dr. Asobo Napoleon, the Provost, Mr Eyong Eyong Thaddeus, Director of CERI  alongside some faculty and staff of the Buea Campus.

The Guest Speaker ceremony is an academic flagship event that is organized by the CUIB Center for Entrepreneurship Research and Innovation (CERI), which brings successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Managers amongst others to share their rich experiences with students and to explain to them the reality on how the outside world looks like when engaging in business.

During his opening remark, Dr Napoleon Asobo appreciated Mr. Behyia Leonard Bruce for accepting to be the guest speaker for the month of May 2021 and encouraged the students of CUIB to make good use of the experience that was going to be shared by Mr. Behyia.

He also noted with joy the effective collaboration between the CERI office and the top management of CUIB  to have selected one of the best journalists and media consultants in Cameroon to talk to the students about professional branding as a hallmark for enterprise growth and sustainability.

Talking to the students, Mr. Behyia began by recounting his personal experience while he was growing up as someone who was seen by the society as being disable and he noted that he did not give up on his dreams.

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He told the students that he did not allow the thoughts and impression that people had about him to discourage him from following his dreams of becoming a great journalist and media consultant.

My story continues with a man who knew from day one that he was not disable even if you heard he was. So I started making sure I had the best and did everything everybody said I was not able to do and I never gave up and I did my best to add value to people’s

lives,” he said

He told the students that they should never give up and that they should believe in themselves and see opportunities in all challenges they may face in life. “Life is dynamic and you are a brand,” he reminded the students and pointed out how they can only become successful if they decide not to give up on their dreams when faced with challenges

He reminded them that they have good stuff within them and should not be afraid to express their skills and talent even if people fail to appreciate them.

Using his life as an example, he encouraged the students to continue working smart in developing and improving on their image which is a brand that many see when dealing with them.

Mr Eyong Eyong Thaddeus, Director of CERI, also appreciated the guest speaker for impacting the students with skills and life experiences that will go a long way to shape their mindset to look at the reality in the world of today.

A symbolic gift was handed to the guest speaker by Mr. Eyong Eyong to appreciate his efforts and for sacrificing his time to empower the students with skills on branding.

Professor Victor Julius Ngoh, in his closing remark appreciated Mr. Behyia for sharing his personal experience to the CUIB community and enjoined the students to have the kind of positive mindset articulated by Mr. Behyia by never giving up when faced with challenges.

He also used the event to appreciate the CERI office for always bringing the best of Guest speakers and empowering the students on the philosophy of entrepreneurship.

A similar event took place at the Douala satellite campus and had as guest speaker Dr. Fabrice Abunde Neba, Chief Executive of Abunde Sustainable Engineering Group who spoke under the theme “Harnessing resources for entrepreneurship creation and sustainability: the question every entrepreneur must answer”  

Dr. Fabrice Abunde appreciated CUIB for creating such an opportunity for him to talk to the students about harnessing resources for entrepreneurship creation and sustainability and told the students that the main resources they have is to think positively.

He reminded them that a man with a good idea is someone that can help provide solutions to society, and that with a creative mindset you can become the best version of yourself.