CUIB SIT Students of Douala Campus drilled on startup IT businesses at ActiveSpaces Douala

CUIB SIT Students of Douala Campus drilled on startup IT businesses at ActiveSpaces Douala

Freshman and Sophomore students of the School of Information Technology (SIT) at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Douala Campus have been drilled on the reality that is being faced by startup IT experts when doing their job in a world that is rapidly changing with technological innovations moving at a higher speed.

The students were drilled by officials at ActiveSpaces, a leading technological Hub in Cameroon at their headquarters in Douala during a one day field trip coordinated by the Dean of the school of IT Dr. Felicitas Mokom. The objective of this visit is to give the IT students some professional exposure to the corporate world, particularly IT startups in the vicinity.

During their visit, the students were told to be prudent and be creative as they move on in the course of their career as IT experts, and that they should see challenges being faced now as an opportunity to develop programs that can effectively meet these technological needs in the future.

The growth mindset students also had the opportunity to ask questions on what could be the possible obstacles in technological advancement across Africa for startupers and how they can be managed.

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ActiveSpaces officials reminded the students that challenges can be overcome first by believing in oneself and seeing every obstacle as an opportunity to learn new things from, and that the only way they can overcome challenges as startupers is to remain positive, work as a team and with others who are on the field and share ideas.

Mr Roger Dzoyem – Business developer at ActiveSpace, also explained to the students the opportunities that are available as developers and enjoined them to look at challenges that are being faced in our community and develop programs which will address the challenges.

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While explaining the technicalities of program development, Mr Roger Dzoyem also explains the entrepreneurship angle where the students can make a good career from alongside making money.

ActivSpaces took the students to their mini Fablab where the students were 3D printing and laser printing and equally engaged the students in discussions about how the equipment could be used to produce prototypes.

The students were also exposed to various IT communities where they can exchange ideas with other techies, Artificial Intelligence community, Developer community and others.ActiveSpace has a cyber security community where the students were advised they could work with.

The students engaged in discussions with developers of startup IT businesses about the different startups which they could draw inspiration from such as DaStudy, CamTech and also opportunities that exist in ActiveSpaces and how they can make use of the opportunities while in school.

The CUIB students were also happy to meet an Alumni Ms. Jacky Djomani the Executive Assistant who was delighted to meet with the students and shared her idea about the knowledge she got in CUIB and how it is helping her now.She encouraged the students to be serious and listen to their  lecturers who contributed greatly in empowering her with the skills she is currently  using at ActiveSpaces.