CUIB 2020/2021 Academic Boot Camp ends with many achievements on both campuses.

Senior year students of the Catholic

University Institute of Buea, on Sunday 25th April 2021 ended a

three-day boot camp which took place at the main campus in Molyko-Buea.

The theme of this year’s boot camp was  “Creativity and Innovation as Building blocks for Entrepreneurship” with the main objective

to see the ability of the students in bringing up business ideas and

solutions to problems that will transform our society.

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The three day event was very interactive with the

senior year students exhibiting ground breaking ideas and competing with

each other for the best idea to be selected that will help in job


The opening ceremony of the three-day boot camp in the

Buea Campus was done by the Provost (Chief Academic Officer) of the

institution Dr. Asobo Napoleon, alongside the President Prof. Victor

Julius Ngoh during which the provost welcomed all present and encouraged

the students to take the exercise seriously because of the impact the

activity is going to have in their career.

Professor Ngoh articulated the importance of the boot

camp to the students and the university community as a whole, stating

that the university will continue to support the students in any way

they can to enable them achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs.

The ultimate goal of this boot camp is

for you to put into practice all the professional skills, hands on

skills which you have developed, therefore , translate your ideas,

translate your dreams into action. We do expect a lot from you. This

having been said, I now declare the 2020/2021 boot camp open,” Professor Ngoh told the students during the opening ceremony.

This year’s boot camp had as coaches Mr Laye Mbunkur,

Mme Martha Ngum, Mr George Mofor who drilled the senior year students on

how to effectively pitch a business idea in under 60 seconds, develop a

sustainable business plan in an ever changing landscape, to market a

business plan and above all overcoming challenges in the business world.

 During this event, the students also had the

opportunity to present their  business plans and network with each

other. At the end of the Business Plan Challenge, students with the most

feasible business ideas were awarded prizes.

On the last day of the boot camp, the students

presented their business ideas to the President Professor Victor Julius

Ngoh and a host of  stakeholders who came to experience the event. Prof

Ngoh while visiting the business stands asked questions to the students

on how sustainable their business plan is, looking at the current


The students explained that their business plan is

problem solving and will address some of the UN sustainable development

goals. Prof Ngoh was happy with the presentation of the students and

enjoined them to continue with the good work and make CUIB proud

wherever they may go.

The students who also participated in the book camp

were all handed a certificate of participation to show that they have

been trained on developing a sustainable business plan.

The Director of CERI Mr. Eyong Eyong Thaddeus, also

used the boot camp to train the students on developing a positive and

friendly mindset that will enable them to network and easily interact

with people who may not share their views in their community.

In line with mindset training, Mr. Eyong Eyong Thaddeus

organised physical exercises such as dancing, stretching, singing

amongst others.

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CUIB being a university that trains job creators also

uses the boot camp to empower the students who have business ideas with

skills that will enable them to work with people of different belief

systems, attitude and mindset, reasons why the students are made to work

in teams during the boot camp exercises.

At  the closing ceremony in the Buea Campus, the

president expressed gratitude to the CERI office to have organised such a

successful boot camp and also reminded the students that they now have

what it takes to transform the world and to make CUIB proud.

A similar event took place in the Douala Campus from

April 16th -18th 2021. The opening ceremony was presided over by the

Executive Vice President Dr. Eric Ngangoum, accompanied by the Vice

Provost Dr. Mokom Felicitas, Dr. Djikeng Fabrice Director of Douala

Campus and  alongside some faculty and staff members.

The Douala students had the opportunity to present

their business ideas to the university officials and were told to seize

the opportunity to network with other students and come up with

businesses that will create jobs for Cameroonians.

The event in Douala was concluded by the Director of

Douala campus who appreciated the organisation of the boot camp and

reminded the students that they should not take such knowledge and sit

on it.