CUIB Students sensitized on Coronavirus

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea Douala Campus have been educated on the deadly coronavirus pandemic. The students have been advised to take precautionary measures given by medical practitioners as far as preventing the deadly coronavirus is concerned.

The students were educated by a team of health experts from the THEA Foundation Clinic based in Douala during which they took explained to the growth mindset students the signs, symptoms and preventive measures against the coronavirus which has affected over 120.000 people worldwide and has killed over 4000 people.

According to the team of health experts, the virus, as of now, has no efficient treatment. They advised the Growth Mindset students to take the preventive measures seriously.

“We only have two reported cases in Cameroon by but that is not a guarantee that you can’t cannot get have the virus; instead we will like to advise you, students, to wash your hands regularly or you get a hand sanitizer, also avoid hands shake, cheek kissing, and when coughing use your elbow to cough than your hands to cover your mouth.” 

“When you feel like you have a headache, high body temperature, vomiting, common cold, or fever, rush to a nearby hospital so that you can be tested since it cannot be certain whether we have other unreported cases in Cameroon. It is good you go to the hospital, and you are tested negative.” THEA Foundation Clinic.

The Director of CUIB Douala Campus, Dr Djikeng Fabrice, told the students to take the advice of the medical team seriously and see how they can transfer their knowledge to their surrounding community.

And to other students who did not have the opportunity to attend the event.

The Vice Provost of CUIB, Dr Felicitas Mokom, encouraged the students to make good use of their online platforms so that if there is a situation where they cannot come to school, they can get their classes online as the institution has the best ubiquitous platform for teaching and learning in Cameroon.

She pointed to the students that the ubiquitous platform is there to solve the challenges of learning in situations where on-site learning is impossible as it currently the case in many countries around the world.

In Buea Campus, Dr Dieodone explained that COVID 19 causes respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. and was identified in Wuhan China, which has no effective treatment. He called on the students of Buea Campus to be vigilant and avoid close contact with infected persons or those suspected with symptoms like fever, cough, frequent sneezing, etc.

He also encouraged the students to stick to the guidelines of WHO to protect themselves from getting infected like washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizers or disinfectants, and avoid public gathering.

Doctor, the Provost of CUIB Dr Atem George, appreciated the effort of the medical team for taking time out to educate the students of Buea Campus on the dangers of coronavirus and encouraged the students to put in use the preventive measures given to them by the medical team.