CUIB Ends First Semester Examinations

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea have officially ended the first-semester examinations for the 2019/2020 academic year in Buea and Douala satellite campuses.
The examinations began on the Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 and ended on Thursday, March 12th 2020, concluding with exams in the School of Information Technology and the School of Business.
Before the examinations took off on 2nd March 2020 March 3rd, 2020, the Vice Provost Dr. Mokom Felicitas addressed the students and gave them the modalities of the exams and stressed that the aim is not to make students fail.

CUIB students in Buea writing exams

Instead, it It is a process that can be used to examine the level of students’ understanding of a particular course.
As Growth Mindset learners, students, should know that the institution praises effort and focuses on student strengths rather than weaknesses fine-tuning ways in which students can be assisted towards realizing their potential.
” As a growth mindset institution, we believe that exams is are just one way of evaluating you and we are more concerned with helping you discover your true potential,” she articulated.
During the exams the Director of Douala Campus Dr. Djikeng Fabrice congratulated the students for respecting the guidelines put in place by the institution and above all, for not being troublesome during the sessions.
“I must say that the Students have demonstrated a high level of respect for the exams as the level of late-coming dropped, with no major incident recorded so far. The faculty and staff have been collaborative and have worked hard to see that the examinations moved on well.” Doctor Djikeng Fabrice.
In Buea Campus, the Director, Mr. Mbohjim O. Mobit expressed his satisfaction with the students of Buea Campus and congratulated the faculty and staff for putting in efforts to see that the exams were well conducted.
As the students concluded the first semester, the Vice provost addressed them and reiterated the importance for the students to keep the excellent image of the institution while going on vacation and cautioned them to take precautions on preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
The examinations went on with no significant incident recorded on both campuses as the students complied with instructions from the Office of the Provost