CUIB Buea Campus Celebrates Cultural and Diversity Week in Grand style

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea – Buea Campus have once again celebrated the cultural and diversity week for the 2019/2020 school year under the theme: “Culture a tool for building communities”

The one-week event was a unique opportunity for newly admitted students to enjoy the cultural diversity of the Catholic University Institute of Buea. The cultural diversity week had as chair the Director of CUIB Buea Campus Mr Mbohjim Othniel Mobit accompanied by some top officials within the institution.

Speaking to the University Community, the Director of CUIB Buea Campus, began by congratulating the Students, Staff and Faculty for their effective participation in showcasing their different cultures at a time that promotion of cultural diversities especially in Africa is fast declining.

Mr Mbohjim Othniel Mobit, equally pointed out to the university community that the main aim of the event is to “remind the public on the identity of CUIB being an Afro-American University welcoming students of different cultural heritage with one focus to train professional servant leaders with spiritual and moral values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their community”

“We are not just a group of people, but we are a family that is composed of different ethnic groups who can happily co-exist as one family. We should know that CUIB is apolitical and none partisan thus we should all see our cultural diversity as strength and as a way of building unity.”

“We are all God’s covenant children and our culture is our identity which makes us unique in one way or another”

 The one-week cultural diversity had as activities: Art and Craft, Traditional Dances, Traditional Exhibitions, Praise Poetry, Music amongst others.

The Vice President of the Student Government Buea Campus Metumah Wendy pinpointed to the students that “Our culture is what makes us who we are and if you don’t know your culture it makes you to be lost in the society.”

“Don’t be shy of where you come from, but rather be happy to sell your culture to others” Metumah Wendy.

The event ended with Cultural display and award of prizes.