CUIB Students effectively Resume Classes today after Christmas Break

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea – (Douala and Buea) Satellite Campuses, effectively resumed classes Wednesday 08th January 2020 after the Christmas break for the 2019/2020 academic year.

The students in Douala Campus, were welcomed by the Director of CUIB Douala Campus Dr. Djikeng Fabrice who reminded them on the task that is ahead of them and stressed that: “This is not a moment for you to come and relax thinking that we are in a festive period. But it is a time for you all to look into your programs and put more efforts in becoming the best of yourself as CA’s, first semester exams are around the corner”

“You should use this period to work smart and generate new ideas that will improve your skills and your career above all that will make you discover your true potential as entrepreneurs”

He also used the opportunity to thank CUIB staff and Faculty of Douala campus for their contribution in ensuring the effective resumption of classes after the end of the Christmas break.

Dr. Djikeng, encouraged them to continue with the good work and to ensure that students who are the main play book of the institution are well taken care of.

Director of Buea Campus

In Buea Campus the students, were welcomed by the representative for Director, Mme Fuchi Brunhilda. The students were encouraged to get very engaged in studies as the semester is fast running to an end.

They were also reminded that the hybrid model of effective lecture delivery was the future not just for CUIB but a better preparation for the changed workplace skills and requirements. Therefore, instead of putting up a resistant attitude, like good growth mindset students they should embrace the change and give in their best at developing themselves. 

She also emphasised that it is necessary for students to realise that skill development is very central now in the learning process than fighting for marks with teachers or competing with others.

 Thus, students can only continue to develop themselves through their effective presence for university activities. She ended by cautioning the students of unnecessary outings and distractions as they need to be more focused for the continuous assessments and forthcoming first semester examinations.