CUIB 2020 Cyber Security Symposium

“Investigation and Prosecution of Cyber Crimes under Cameroon Law – Practices and Challenges” was the theme for the 2020 Cyber Security symposium organized by the School of Information Technology at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, the Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University which took place on Saturday 26th January 2020.

Championed by the ubiquitous campus, CUIB’s position as the leading institution in Mobile and Ubiquitous learning in Cameroon was on full display as the symposium took place simultaneously across both the Buea and Douala campuses involving internal and external participants.

CUIB is the first institution in Cameroon to offer a university degree in Cyber Security. The need to educate Cameroonians and stakeholders on the legal implications of cyber criminality cannot be overemphasized. The annual symposium is organized to update the public on the state of affairs as far as cybercrimes in Cameroon are concerned and engage experts in Industry to expose the students to current practices in the field.

 The first symposium was launched in 2016 to bring awareness to students and the external population on the relevance of security in most fields of study and in the cyberspace. The symposium exposes attendees to the implementation of security solutions and how the lack of security affects our day to day life. It equally gives students the opportunity to network with field experts.

The 2020 CUIB cyber security symposium was presided by the Dean of the School of IT Dr Felicitas Mokom. It brought together field experts from Cameroon’s National Agency for Information and Communications Technologies (ANTIC) in the person of Mr Egbe Besong Divine, Ndangoh Joseph Suh Computer Software Engineer, Emmanuel Ndukong, Software Engineer and Founder of O’Prime – an I.T consulting company founded in 2015 based in Douala, Ken Chi a Network Engineer, and Mr Nkeh Fonjie Achal, a Junior Year student at the Catholic University Institute of Buea studying Cyber Security among others.

Opening the symposium, Dr Felicitas Mokom, began by welcoming all present and stressed on the importance of the symposium as it will bridge the gap between cyber security and software engineers equally provide a forum to exchange ideas between experts on the field, students and members of the public participating in the program. She also encouraged the students to be fully engaged with field experts who have a lot of experiences to share with them.

During the symposium, experts took time outlining some of the basic forms of cybercrimes that are common in Cameroon technological landscape, which are, Fraud. Hacking, Identity Theft, Scamming, Computer Viruses, Ransomware, DDoS Attack, Botnets.

The symposium created a network for students of CUIB to go in for internship and other professional works.