Technology, a tool for successful Entrepreneurship

Students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, Douala Campus have been encouraged to embrace technology and incorporate it into their different areas of study as they move on with their educational dreams for the nation.
This was during a guest speaker ceremony that took place at the CUIB Douala Campus on Wednesday, 5th February 2020, which brought together the Vice Provost, the Director of CUIB Douala, Faculty, Staff, and students of the Douala Campus.
The Director of Douala Campus Dr. Djikeng Fabrice, in his opening remark, reminded the students on the importance of the Guest Speaker event and welcomed the guest speaker for accepting to come and educate the students on the emphasis on technology.
The Guest Speaker event is one of CUIB flagship traditions through which the institution brings in expert and industry professionals to come and share their experiences with the students and help them see the reality of life.
Speaking to the Students, the guest speaker Dr. Timothy Djomgoue, a Professor and Information Technology Infrastructure Specialist based in the U.S.A, centered his discourse on “Technology as a tool for successful entrepreneurs” during which he explained to the students the relevance of technology in their respective disciplines and how technology has affected the way things are being done.
“You need to understand that the world now is a global village and for you to adapt you must incorporate technology in what you do and do not say that I am studying Agriculture, Human Resource, Banking, or any other discipline and shy away from technology for it will affect you and will reduce your chances of achieving your dream because everything now is centered on technology.”
“ As Entrepreneurs, you must learn how to navigate through the technological age, learn excel, Microsoft words, publisher, power points, etc. because you cannot effectively carry out your task as entrepreneurs without knowing or at least having an idea on how those things work else you may have difficulties carrying out your”
You can’t do without technology, and I know that there may be some challenges, but as students in a Growth Mindset institution, you can always adapt to new changes. The world is rapidly changing, and it is now dominated by technological advancement.” The speaker also emphasized on adopting ubiquitous learning and taking advantage of the opportunities that are now available due to the ability to learn anytime, anywhere.
“Gone are those days when people will think that technology is only meant for IT Students only. That selling in our local markets now uses technology to do their buying and selling hence, technology is in all sectors of life so it will be advantageous for CUIB Students to embrace technology for a brighter future.”
Dr. Timothy Djomgoue concluded

The Vice Provost Dr. Felicitas Mokom was very happy with the brilliant presentation of the guest speaker and highlighted that the doors of CUIB remain open for Dr. Timothy Djomgoue and the students that they should go and make good use of the materials given by Dr. Timothy Djomgoue.