CUIB Community celebrates Easter Sunday

The Catholic University Institute of Buea on 1st April 2018 joined other Christians all over the world to commemorate Easter Sunday; a day that Christ resurrected from the tomb three days after he was crucified on the cross of Calvary.

The University mass took place at the EoC village and had as main celebrants Rev. Fr. George Nkeze, president of CUIB.

Rev. Fr. George Nkeze captioned his message “Disciples of the third day” in which he told the students, staff, faculty and the entire university community that, they should never give up on God because Christ died and resurrected so that we will have life and have it in abundance.

 In his homily, he outlined that Easter is for Christians to reflect about their lives and to keep trusting in God no matter their challenges, they should know that God will take it away from them if they trust in him.

He pointed out that 3rd day disciples are people who don’t give up on Christ no matter their challenges they should belief in Gods words and know it must come to pass.