X-Malaya Music Band on a

X-Malaya Music Band on a

X-Malaya Music Band on a

X-Malaya Music Band on a

X-Malaya Music Band on a “meet and greet” visit to CUIB

The Catholic University Institute of Buea, on 6th April 2018 opened its doors to welcome Cameroon most celebrated Music Band, X-Malaya. In their exclusive visit to CUIB, the group were privileged to shared their experiences and know-how of more than a decade of musical excellence to the entire CUIB family and stakeholders.

The “meet and greet” visit to CUIB by the X-Malaya Music Band is part of their cooperate social responsibility of  giving back to the community and above all thanking the Cameroonian people for their constant supports to their Music Band.

Visiting  CUIB as their first stop for their annual community plan of cooperate social responsibility for 2018 was not for money making concert but to encourage and support the students of CUIB to keep the great vision of CUIB alive which is fostering talents and making students to become the best version of themselves especially in the area of music.

The visit of the X-Malaya Music Band falls in line with CUIB philosophy of giving back to the community, that is giving back or doing something good for the community without asking for a pay which is central to CUIB philosophy and is  important for the growth of our community and country.

According to the X-Malaya Music Band, they selected CUIB to be their first bus stop because CUIB has a philosophy of volunteerism as part of their cooperate social responsibility, before adding that, the group has had in their annual plan for 2018 to give back to the community as part of their own way of saying thank you to God

Addressing the university community, the president of CUIB Rev. Fr. George Nkeze appreciated the X-Malaya Music Band for visiting CUIB and highlighted that “Diversity is strength and not a weakness”. Adding that “we can live in harmony despite our diversity and differences”
He enjoined the students to always work as a team and learn from the experience of X-Malaya Music Band who has taken their diversity as strength in overcoming all their challenges.

It is when we work together that we can come to discover the best version of who we are and this is CUIB philosophy; in CUIB we believe that there are more things that unite us in this country than divide us, we train our students to have eyes that see what unites them than eyes that always see what divides them. CUIB holds this value of working together so dear that it is part of its assessment criteria.

20% of the students mark is based on the ability to collaborate with others, very unique in Cameroon I believe that the X-Malaya group has a strong message to Cameroonians” Rev. Fr. George Nkeze told the university community.

“CUIB holds talent development as the way forward in forming the new generation of Cameroonians that is why we have the CUIB A&T, the academy of Talents.” he concluded.

At the end of the visit, the X-Malaya Music Band told the press that they are happy with the way CUIB community received them and they are going to work together with CUIB in order to continue to train and promote talent of the students and Pupils of CUIB and CUIB A & T.