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President's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Catholic University Institute of Buea, (CUIB) The Entrepreneurial University! Anyone who visits our Molyko Campus is certainly struck by the imposing arch with the inscription "Welcome to the City of Saints and Scholars". CUIB was founded on the 17th of April 2009 by His Lordship Bishop Immanuel Balanjo Bushu with a unique vision to train a new breed of young men and women, Entrepreneurs, Job creators, innovators, Saints and Scholars (Sancti et Scholari), workers, directors, consumers, students, administrators, economic workers, rich and poor, families who could be called "homo donator", persons capable of putting into practice the "Culture of giving" in a new society that puts solidarity and sharing at the heart of its understanding of relationships. Its motto "Sancti et Scholari" (Saints & Scholars) articulates CUIB's commitment to form integral persons in the Both/And culture: Faith & Reason; Prayer & Work, Freedom & Responsibility, Business & Spirituality etc. As "Saints" CUIB underscores its commitment to train its students to be "the best version of ...Read More

Kemayou Brice,EoC
Ambassa Charles,DG
Poll Maker

CUIB President Welcomes All for the 2016

“Inclusion on Campus: Exploring diversity as an expression of God’s grandeur” is the theme guiding the 2016/2017 academic year in CUIB as disclosed by Fr. George Nkeze, President of CUIB during the official reception of students, staff and faculty for the new academic read more...

CUIB President Welcomes All for the 2016/2017 Academic Year

EoC Party Leads First STUGA Presidential

The Economy of Communion Party has emerged victorious in the first STUGA presidential debate, with an 83.03 % mark over rivals Dynamic Generation with 81 % according to results provided by the panelists. The victory comes after the debate which saw contestants vying for the read more...

EoC Party Leads First STUGA Presidential Debate

2016/2017 STUGA Election Campaign Launch

Campaigns for the election of the Student Government Association executive to man the affairs of the students for the 2016/2017 academic year have been launched by the President of CUIB, Fr. George Nkeze with 2 parties officially going in: Dynamic Generation with presidentia read more...

2016/2017 STUGA Election Campaign Launched

Diocese of Buea Now: Bishop, Clergy an

Laity of the Catholic Church in Fako Division have been called to be authentic Christians by His Lordship Bishop Immanuel Bushu, chief Shepard of the Diocese of Buea during the premier edition of the diocesan laity convocation. The convocation was aimed at reflectin read more...

  Diocese of Buea Now: Bishop, Clergy and Laity Join to Build Diocese

  • Attestation of Completion of Studies

    Attestations of completion of Studies are NOT ISSUED to final year students in transition before the release of graduation list.

  • Attestation of Completion of Studies

    Only the Academic Board of the university has the authority to validate that a student has completed his / her course and has fulfilled all the requirements for graduation

  • Attestation of Completion of Studies

    Completion of Studies will be issued only after the Academic Board has met and released the graduation list.

  • 2016-2017 Admissions Open

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  • 2016-2017 Admissions Open

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I have heard so much about CUIB and I am impressed with the kind of education they offer. I want my son to study here because I know he will graduate with a different way of looking at life and will not run back home to me for daily bread, but will come up with a business of his own as I see other CUIB graduates doing.

Mr. Waffo Jean Dagobert

Parent of Applicant

The last four years of my life has simply been extraordinary, CUIB has taught me how to live and support others irrespective of who they are, CUIB has brought out the potential in me through its teachings on entrepreneurship.

Lahom Ulrich

Senior Student SIT

My stay in CUIB has simply been a life time experience, you find yourself in an environment were,everybody understands everybody's problem; sharing every moment of joy and pain as well as supporting each other towards a common goal.

Gohoachou Jervis

Senior Student SIT

CUIB is a place were your hopes and aspirations are nurtured and transformed to reality. I am a living testimony of the unique CUIB experience, through the CUIB philosophy I have been able to create an on-line Hospital to bridge the gap between patients and doctors.

Tchokote Herve

Senior Student SIT, Founder Selfconsult

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