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  • 2015 - 2016 Admissions
  • CUIB: A Proud Member of ACCU

    The Catholic University Institute of Buea, since 2014 became the only African University to be an international member of the prestigious Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, ACCU

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    CUIB Member of ACCU
  • College of Business and Technology
  • School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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First Commencement Graduation Class
December 6, 2015, CUIB celebrates its First Commencement Ceremony

Library • Outreach & Engagement • CERI Offices • HND Programmes • Online Grad. Programmes • IT Practical Lab • Administration & Planning • Office of the Pro-Chancellor • BEPHA • Music School • Sports Office.

President's Office • IT Lab • Offices of Associate Provosts, (Engineering, Management Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Information Technology) • Finance Office • Lecture Halls • Office of Records and Archives.

CUIB-CERI Bookshop • CUIB-CERI Restaurant • Office of the Provost • Office of Pastoral Services • Lecture Halls • Faculty Room

An outstanding setting of over 50 computers having state-of-the-art Technology is what we see when we get into the IT Lab. The latter is also equipped with fibre optic Internet connection readily available for use by Staff, Faculty and Students.

Seven boukarous of an unequal beauty form the EoC Village. This Village carries the philosophy of CUIB which is the one of sharing and giving because there is more joy in giving than in receiving. The EoC Village is a multi-purpose area as it host occasions etc.

CUIB Parish is one of the most valuable assets. As a Catholic University, we care about the faith of our students and workers. That is why, in our Parish at EoC time (11 : 45am to 12 : 30pm) everyday, we celebrate and give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Under construction, the CUIB Permanent campus once ready will make the University to become one of the best Institutions of Higher Learning in Cameroon.

A 21st Century Restaurant, with a variety of African and Western dishes served daily for the pleasure of the entire CUIB Community

One of the jewels of the CUIB is its choir. Scholari Cantores as it is called, is indeed the School of Singing! This choral ensemble is made of young boys and girls endowed with heavenly voices.

A modern Infirmary with essential medications to rescue Students, Faculty and Staff within campus. An experienced staff nurse will offer oral or injectable medications, intravenous infusions on the spot and urgent cases are rushed to the nearb

School Bus
To ease transport from the Molyko Campus to Wokaka Campus, CUIB puts at the disposal of Faculty, Staff and Students transport facilities such as outstanding high performance buses with up to 70 comfortable seats

It goes without saying that no one can figure out a University without a Library. CUIB Library offers a good number of books, materials and facilities which foster the training of our future Professional Servants Leaders.

Video Documentary

Address by Prof. Michael Naughton, Director of the Center for Catholic Studies, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, USA on December, 6, ...

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