CUIB Management officially receives keys to its Bonaberi-Douala Permanent Campus.

The management of the Catholic University Institute of Buea has officially received the keys to their newly acquired campus at Bonaberi located at “Ancienne Route” near  Lycée  Polyvalent de Bonaberi.

This is the brainchild of the Chancellor/Pro-Chancellor His Lordship Bishop Micheal Bibi who wants the students of Douala Campus to be comfortable and enjoy a campus of their own that will enable them to live the mission and vision of the institution without being disturbed by other institutions.

Before the arrival of the new management under the leadership of Professor Victor Julius Ngoh as President, CUIB Douala Students were sharing a campus with another private university at Bonamoussadi.

The new management, after seeing the high cost of renting at the current campus, pushed for the acquisition of an independent campus that will reduce cost and enable the students to express themselves in a more comfortable environment.

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It was within this backdrop that  the new management acquired a campus in a good and safe neighborhood in Bonaberi.

The Keys were officially received today Monday 19th April 2021 by the President of CUIB Professor Victor Julius Ngoh accompanied by the Executive Vice President Dr. Ngangum Eric, the Chief Academic Officer Dr. Asobo Napoleon ,the Director of Douala Campus Dr. Djikeng Fabrice, the Vice Provost Dr. Mokom Felicitas as well as some faculty and staff of both Douala and Buea Campuses.

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The Douala-Bonaberi permanent campus will effectively go operational in the 2021/2022 school year.

This was According to the President Professor Ngoh, who was also excited to see that the university now has its own permanent building that will enable the students to have full control over their educational and social activities as it is the case in the Buea Campus.

The President also had a brief discussion with the President of Group des Cadres Baham de Douala, Mr. Nadjo who also promised that his organization will be open to CUIB in doing business and assisting each other. He further had a brief discussion with the President of “Group des Cadres Baham de Douala”, Mr. Nadjo who also promised that his organization will be open to CUIB in doing business and assisting each other.

Prof Ngoh and the CUIB delegation toured the campus premises to ascertain the renovation that needs to be done to ensure that classes effectively begin at the newly acquired campus. He told the CUIB delegation that they have full responsibility to ensure that the structure becomes comfortable and convenient to the students who are at the center of CUIB’s philosophy.