Students of CUIB Douala Celebrates 54th Edition of National Youth Day

“Youth, peace, decentralization, and participation in local governance for a new Cameroon was the theme for this year’s 54th edition of the National Youth Day Celebration as CUIB Students in Douala Campus joined other Cameroonians in celebrating the day.
This is the first time that the CUIB Douala Satellite Campus is participating in the national day celebration in Douala.
The massive mobilization of the CUIB students at the ceremonial ground was widely appreciated by administrative authorities who praised CUIB’s decent dressing and responsible outfit for representing the true nature of a higher institution with spiritual and moral values.
The CUIB students were led by the School Marshal under the coordination of the Director of the CUIB Douala satellite Campus Dr. Djikeng Fabrice who appreciated the great participation of the Growth Mindset students during the 54th celebration of Youth Day at Bonamoussadi.
The students were very happy for participating in this year’s celebration as consider it a civic responsibility to honor their nation Cameroon.