CUIB 2019 Council meeting

Cradle of Innovation, Growth Mindset and Wealth Creation is the way forward for a new CUIB this was made known to the CUIB council members by the President/Pro-Chancellor Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa during the 12th CUIB Council meeting that took place on the 23rd January 2019 at the Bishops resident in Small Soppo, Buea.

 CUIB Council is an advisory and regulatory body that meets every academic year to take stock of the activities of the university and advice the university on the existing realities that goes on within the society or ministries so that CUIB can use the experiences to formulate or modify it educational policies that will help solve existing challenges in the society.

The 12th Council meeting brought together representatives from all the various ministries of Cameroon, general manager of some state cooperation who were represented like CDC, SONERA, among others, Mayors of different councils, representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, CUIB mentors University just to name but these and had as chair His Lordship Immanuel Bushu Chancellor of CUIB.

Rev. Fr George in his presentation highlighted that the new CUIB will have two main dimensions which are the institutional and the strategic dimension.

The institutional level will be based on Subsidiarity and Solidarity which is part of the church’s teachings allowing decision making to be at the lowest level possible and the highest level necessary in an institution above all respect the dignity of the human person.

The Strategic level will be based on innovation, wealth creation and growth mindset,  this means focusing on the strength of students and not their weakness and appreciating efforts than scores that is teaching students and pupils to see intelligence as work in progress.

During the council meeting Rev. Fr. George equally pointed out that his first project as IFCU Vice President and African Regional President is caption “An African to be rebuilt” that is “education for a Growth Mindset” that will focus on efforts not ability; that will look at Africa from its strength and not from its weakness.

He equally announced to the Council that in 2020 CUIB will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and will be an opportunity for the world to join CUIB and celebrates its achievements within the past 10 years.

The representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Neba A. congratulated the management of CUIB for their efforts in trying to restructure the educational system which has been training students with a fixed mindset to an educational system that will be training students with growth mindset.

Prof. Neba A. equally pointed out that CUIB and the University of Buea has a great relationship and that UB will continue to support CUIB in all its endeavors to train students who will innovate, create wealth and have a growth mindset.

Bishop Immanuel Bushu, Chancellor and founder of CUIB expressed his deep satisfaction with CUIB management for ensuring that the standard of the university as a non-partisan, apolitical and Catholic Institution are respected, and encouraged the management to keep up the good work.

Representatives at the various ministries appreciated the strategies put in place by CUIB in promoting education that will help students develop their creativity than thinking they are already smart, and they concluded that the CUIB model will help solve the problem of entitlement.